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Download 01Scoreboard

01Scoreboard is a score keeper for '01 type dart games. It supports many starting values from 301,401,501,601 through 10001!

01Scoreboard is designed to be easy to use and provide you with the information you need immediately. 01Scoreboard comes with a built in outs calculator so you will always know how to hit your outs! 01Scoreboard doesn't just show you one out option, it shows you every possible combination. So, if you are having problems hitting a specific number 01Scoreboard expands your possibilities by giving you all combinations for your out and gives you the best chance at winning the game.

With 01Scoreboard you can track a single players score, or up to 4 players.

01Scoreboard allows for several variations of the game so you can track the score against the way you like to play '01. You can start an '01 game with the traditional double to start counting down, or you can "single in" which allows you to simply start subtracting your score with every dart. Likewise, you can set to complete the '01 game with a "double finish" or not.

If you made a mistake entering a value during a players turn you can easily correct the score.

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