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UltimateMemoryChallenge is a game of memory skill based on the classic Milton Bradley game Simon. Ultimate Memory Challenge has five large buttons, each a different color. The game lights these buttons in a sequence, playing a sound for each button, the player must press the buttons in the same sequence. Game play ends when the player makes a mistake. When a player makes a mistake they can retry the level or quit and start again.

Progressive mode: UltimateMemoryChallenge starts with a single button chosen randomly, and adds another randomly chosen button to the end of the sequence each time the player follows it successfully. Insanity mode: UltimateMemoryChallenge starts with a single button chosen randomly. For each subsequent level a completely new randomly selected sequence is created with an additional sequence added. Absolute Mayhem mode: This plays just like insanity mode, except that, each of the buttons colors are randomly selected for each new level.

UltimateMemoryChallenge has a scoring system and leaderboards to track how well you compare to your friends and globally. The scoring system is based on the level you are on and how quickly you were able to complete the sequence correctly. The leaderboards are managed by the Openfeint system.

Audio sound packs have been added to the game for added enjoyment!

UltimateMemoryChallenge supports unlimited levels to challenge even the best memory geniuses! What level will you achieve?

© 2010, Andrew Stanevicius  All rights reserved.

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