Research Interest:

Superlattice-like Phase Change Memory | Thermal Barrier Phase Change Memory | Neuromorphic Computing | Flexible Memory | 2D Sensors | Thermal Transport of 2D Nanomaterials | Thermoelectrics

Research Experience:

Stanford University | Pop Lab    Sept. 2018 – Present

Principal Investigator: Prof. Eric Pop

·     Design and performance optimization of superlattice-like Phase Change Memory (PCM): Fabrication and characterization of Superlattice films for low power memory application

    •  Developed growth and fabrication for ultralow-power non-volatile memory devices

·     Interfacial thermoelectric engineering of PCM: Realization of ~2x reduction in the switching current density in conventional PCM using thermoelectric material

    • Conceptualized and implemented the novel idea of incorporating interfacial thermoelectric heating in a conventional phase change memory

·       Low power flexible nonvolatile memory: Fabrication and characterization of low power non-volatile memory on a flexible platform

    •  Demonstrated record-low switching power in flexible non-volatile memory devices

·     Towards fast temperature sensing using ultrathin 2D materials: Design, fabrication and characterization of temperature sensors using 2D materials

    •   Demonstrated record-high temperature coefficient of resistance in atomically-thin 2D materials

·     Low-power solid-state reflective display: Working on the optimization of low power solid state reflective display using novel phase change heterostructures



Bangladesh University of Eng. & Tech. (BUET) Jan. 2015 – Aug. 2018

Principal Investigator: Prof. Samia Subrina

·     Thermal transport in novel 2D materials: Graphene nanoribbons, hexagonal boron nitride ribbons, graphene/stanene heterobilayers

·     Electronic modeling of novel 2D nanomaterials: Stanene, stanene/h-BN, stanene/silicene