Research Interest:
  • Ultra-thin sensor using 2D materials
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Interfacial Phase Change Memory Devices
  • Modeling and computation of 2D nanostructures predicting high thermoelectric performance and quantum topological phenomena.
  • Characterization of thermal transport of 2D materials.
  • Modeling and simulation of nanoscale devices.
  • Flexible Electronics using 2D materials.
I am also interested in innovation and progress in technology and methodology addressing the socio-economic needs of the resource-constrained communities in developing countries.

Research Experience:
  • Experimental realization of a high thermal coefficient of resistance in ultra-thin 2D material devices for the first time    
  • Modeling of thermal transport in graphene/stanene hetero-bilayers
  • Structural modeling and first principle simulation study of Sn/h-BN hetero-bilayers.
  • Characterization of thermal and mechanical properties of stanene nanoribbons using molecular dynamics simulation
  • Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation of thermal transport of graphene nanoribbons: A comparative study on MD potentials
  • Impact of the vacancy on the thermal transport of graphene nanoribbons
  • Thermal transport characterization of both pristine and defected hexagonal boron nitride nanoribbons
  • Thermal transport modeling of strained hexagonal boron nitride nanostructures.