Mice have come a long way from the days when the scroll wheel was considered a cool and amazing feature. I remember when I bought my first mouse and it was just a plain old ball mouse with nothing but two buttons, then I graduated to a ball mouse with a scroll wheel, then an optical mouse and finally last year to a MX-510. The MX-510 has served me well in many battles and I really thought it would be the last mouse I would ever buy. Then a cousin of mine told me about a mouse called the Razer Copperhead. I was intrigued by the feature set and the fact that it was a laser mouse so I decided to give it a whirl. See how my journey went below.


·       Size: 5.04" length x 2.5" width x 1.54" height

·       7 independently programmable buttons (with the provided drivers)

·       2000 DPI laser engine

·       Teflon feet

·       Rubber grips

·       Accent lighting

·       7 foot USB 2.0 cable



The packing is nice and sturdy and provides nice protection for the mouse.


Contents- The box contains the following items:

·       Razer Copperhead

·       Driver CD

·       Quick Start guide



The software installation went through without a hitch. The drivers that come with the Copperhead are a power users dream they provide great control and customizability. The drivers are not required, but are recommended. Windows will pick the device up after a few seconds, and install the necessary drivers. You will be able to adjust the speed with Windows, as well as the side buttons , without the Razer software. If you would like to change any button mapping and fine tune the mouse, the software is required.


 The Mouse-

This mouse is hands down the most polished device i have ever used. Its nice and clean and the great finish really brings out the clear side grips and scroll wheel. When the mouse is plugged in, the grips, wheel, and center logo glow . The logo slowly pulses, in stand-by mode NOW THATS SEXY. The mouse has a 7 foot USB 2.0 cable with gold connectors which is a nice touch.


The ergonomics of the Copperhead are great – perfect for gaming. It fits very well in my hand, and the two main buttons are shaped to provide maximum grip and stability.  the ambidextrous design of the device takes about 30 minutes to get used to but once you are comfortable with it its just great and i wouldn't trade it for anything. One little downside of this mouse (if you are used to the right-handed mx-510) is that as the mouse is made for both right and left handed users the thumb buttons on the other side of your thumb were kind of hard to access. This is not a major problem, as two thumb buttons are enough.

This baby is equipped with 7 yes you heard me 7 buttons. Two standard and a wheel, as well as two thumb buttons on each side. the two buttons on the right side allow the user to change the resolution on the fly. This feature provides great versatility as the user can easily change resolutions depending on what he/she is doing at the time and the great thing is that no drivers are required to use this feature.

The mouse glides like a skater on ice on its Teflon pads, which are small, but very adequate proving once again that SIZE DOESNT MATTER. If you are lucky enough to have a good mouse pad this thing just flies even though i tested it on a normal fabric pad and the performance was still out of this world.



I was skeptical at first about how Razer would use the laser optics. After using the Logitech MX-510, I didn't think a mouse could be much more sensitive, boy was I wrong. At 2000 dpi, the Copperhead is impossible to use for general everyday without some speed control. I tried this baby out with Photoshop CS and it was a great experience it really enhances your productivity. I noticed the depth of the Razer software after spending some time on it. It allows you to change the sensitivity for each axis independently; change sampling rates, resolution, and much more. This is the ultimate weapon for the hardcore gamer. The mouse is functional, has great control, accurate, and . The laser optics give you the flexibility to move as fast as you need to, and on any surface. It works equally well with or without a mouse pad and if you happen to have a good one then that’s even better.



If you are a hardcore gamer this is the ULTIMATE mouse which will meet all your needs. Even though the mouse is a bit expensive but when u consider all the features and performance it provides its worth the hefty price. I can safely say that this is the BEST mouse i have ever used.BYE BYE MX-510.... HELLO COPPERHEAD !!!



Pros: 1) Great design

        2) Awesome software

        3) Great for both right and left handed users

        5) Great control even on normal surfaces


Cons:  1)  Just a tad bit pricey (but you get what u pay for)


Rating: 10/10