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Masha'ALLAH! Even more new Islamic Documents loaded on 24th November 2008 

New Interfaith Issue Documents linked up for download on 1st December 2008. 


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Free Qur'an downloadable files (Mostly in English)


Qur'an Arabic (Indo-Pak Script) (from


Qur'an Arabic (Saudi Script)


Qur'an Translation by Marmaduke Pikthal


Qur'an translation with introductions and footnotes by Pikthal


Qur'an Translation with footnotes by Saheeh International


Qur'an Software with Arabic Text and English Translation by Pikhtal


Qur'an Arabic Script with English translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani (from

Qur'an Software with Arabic Text and English Translation by Sahih International ( Software by: ) 

Qur'an Software with Arabic Text and 9 English Translations and Translations in other languages 


Various Downloadable PDF Documents with Arabic and Translations


Qur'an Reciter Software with Pikthal, Shakir and Yusuf Ali translations  


[The translation of the Qur'an is a human attempt to study, translate and present the translation. The Original Arabic Qur'an is the Miraculous and Flawless Word of ALLAH , but translations are merely attempts to study and then present the limited understanding of the translator. Additional loss to translation occurs by removing the translator's footnotes and explanatory notes, e.g. see Sahih International translation with and without the footnotes and see the difference. Learning Classical Arabic Grammar oneself and reading and studying the original Arabic Qur'an directly is a better option.]



Free Hadith downloadable files in English

Hadith software with search facility : Bukhari, Muslim, Muwatta, and partial Abu Dawud ( Software by: )

Hadith Software with some Hadith agreed upon by Bukhari and Muslim in multiple languages

Hadith software with Bukhari, Muslim, Muwatta and more  


40 Hadith-e-Qudsi


Al-Nawawi's 40 Hadith

Sahih Bukhari


Sahih Muslim


Malik's Muwatta


[Not all Hadith in these collections are authentic and wording is usually not word by word and more work needs to be done on Hadith specially on Matan analysis to get even better results.] 





Ar-Raheeq al Makhtoom (The Sealed Nectar) , Mirror

[Biographies are attempts to understand and then present the Seerah, and are not perfect or flawless and some information in them may be wrong]



Reference Classical Arabic Grammar


Reference Classical Arabic Grammar. A detailed and comprehensive Classical Arabic Grammar book in English. Very important for serious students of Classical Arabic Grammar. Note: Always study Classical Arabic Grammar or Qur'anic Arabic Grammar. Modern standard Arabic is different. For Islamic study, you are to focus on Qur'anic Arabic Grammar and Classical Arabic Grammar.


A Grammar of the Arabic Grammar by W. Wright Volume 1 (3rd edition)


A Grammar of the Arabic Grammar by W. Wright Volume 2 (3rd edition)



Basics of Classical Arabic Grammar


Essentials of Arabic Grammar for learning Qur'anic language by Brig (R) Zahoor Ahmed


Urdu : Summarized Arabic Grammar Rules taken from and edited to save download time


Urdu : Easy Arabic Grammar 1 of 3


Urdu : Easy Arabic Grammar 2 of 3


Urdu : Easy Arabic Grammar 3 of 3


Urdu : Easy Arabic Grammar 4 as additional supplement on weak verbs etc.


Arabic Tutor Volume 1


Arabic Tutor Volume 2


Arabic Tutor Volume 3


Arabic Tutor Volume 4


Arabic Grammar Easy Syntax (from


Treasures of Arabic Morphology (from


Basic vocabulary


Urdu : A short & basic Arabic Grammar book


Fundamentals of Arabic Grammar (Only Volume 1 available)


A very brief journey through Arabic Grammar


Combined format of some lecture notes


101 Rules



Classical Arabic - Miscellaneous Issues 


Qur'anic Studies: Grammar & Balaghah + Literacy Aspects


Arabic Gems - posts gathered together and compiled in pdf format 


The Inimitable Qur'an (Various downloadable documents) 


Blog posts by Hamza Tzortzis on the Inimitable Qur'an



Reference Classical Arabic to English Lexicon by E.W. Lane

Note regarding the following 2 links to Lane's Lexicon. You are to only use this original Lane's Lexicon from this site and Lane's Lexicon can be used but do not use the other material as some material on this site is from Hadith Rejecters and from other deviant cults.


For these 2 links below you will have to click them and then download the files from the site.


Edward William Lane's Arabic-English Lexicon (Dictionary) FREE, Online and on Disc


Edward William Lane's Arabic-English Lexicon (Dictionary) For Slow Connections Only



Science of Hadith downloadable files:


Chosen Thoughts on the Nomenclature of Hadith Specialists by Ibn Hajar


Notes on The Science of Hadith


An Introduction to the Science of Hadith Classification by Sheikh Suhaib Hassan


Studies in Hadith Literature and Methodology  , Mirror


Isnad and its significance by M. M Azami


The Sciences and Critique of Hadith by Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi


Hadith --- A subject of keen interest by Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi 


Hadith Literature, its origins, development and special features part 1 of 2 , Mirror


Hadith Literature, its origins, development and special features part 2 of 2 , Mirror


The Science of Rijaal as a method in The Study of Hadiths by Iftikhar Zaman


More Notes on The Science of Hadith 


Usool al-Hadith by Dr Bilal Philips (from



Necessity to do more Matan and Critical Analysis on Hadith


Not all Hadith in Bukhari & Muslim are authentic


4 myths about Hadith


Accepting a Hadith from a single narrator


Some Ideas from Ahmed Shafaat 


A Study of Ahadith about the determination of Islamic dates


A Matan Analysis technique: Gathering related Ahadith together


Some contradictions in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim refuting the baseless excuse by some scholars that no further work needs to be done on Hadith (Under Construction and last edited on 17th November 2008) 


Research for the age of Hazrat Ayesha (RA) (Original in Urdu) (djvu format. Don't try to open file directly. First download file, then install a free djvu reader and then open using djvu reader.)


Research for the age of Hazrat Ayesha (RA) (Translation in English) (djvu format. Don't try to open file directly. First download file, then install a free djvu reader and then open using djvu reader.)



Quick and basic learning of Arabic with special focus on Qur'an:


80% of Qur'anic words in English


Basic Dictionary of the Qur'an


Basic Verb List


Full Course


Basic Course


Short Course



Other Lexicons and Arabic to Arabic Lexicon Lisan Al Arab

For the 1st link below you will have to click it and then download the files from the site.


Arabic to English Dictionary by Muhaddith team


Arabic to Arabic:  Lisan Al Arab



Law and Jurisprudence


Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (2nd edition) by Muhammad Hasim Kamali

[Note: 3rd edition which was completely revised & substantially enlarged is not yet available for free download and can be bought from]



Other Material


Ulum al Qur'an by Ahmed Von Denffer


4 Basic Terms : Ilaah, Rabb, Ibadah, Deen by Maududi (Original in Urdu)


4 Basic Terms : Ilaah, Rabb, Ibadah, Deen by Maududi (English) (print format 1)


4 Basic Terms : Ilaah, Rabb, Ibadah, Deen by Maududi (English) (print format 2)


An Open Letter to frequent performers of Hajj and 'Umra !



Highly recommended books not yet available for free download


A Word for Word Meaning of the Qur'an by Muhammad Mohar Ali (JIMAS 3 Volume set)  


If you have any other free Material, email the link to: asimiqbal.2 @ gmail . com



Interfaith Issue Downloads:


Most of the following books on Interfaith Issues have been directly linked up for download from


Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Collection:

Some of the book formats have been linked up from . i.e. for the books for which 2 print formats were available, I have linked up both the formats.


Al-Quran - The Miracle of Miracles 

(format 1)

Al-Quran - The Miracle of Miracles (format 2)


Arabs And Israel Conflict Or Conciliation (format 1)

Arabs And Israel Conflict Or Conciliation (format 2)


Can You Stomach The Best Of Rushdie


Christ In Islam (format 1)

Christ In Islam (format 2)


Crucifixion Or Cruci-fiction (format 1)

Crucifixion Or Cruci-fiction (format 2)


Is The Bible God's Word (format 1)

Is The Bible God's Word (format 2)


Muhammad (pbuh) The Greatest (format 1)

Muhammad (pbuh) The Greatest (format 2)


Muhummed (pbuh) The Natural Successor To Christ (format 1)

Muhummed (pbuh) The Natural Successor To Christ (format 2)


Resurrection Or Resuscitation (format 1)

Resurrection Or Resuscitation (format 2)


The God That Never Was (format 1)

The God That Never Was (format 2)


Was Jesus Crucified


What is His Name (format 1)

What is His Name (format 2)


What The Bible Says About Muhammad (pbuh) (format 1)

What The Bible Says About Muhammad (pbuh) (format 2)


What Was The Sign Of Jonah (format 1)

What Was The Sign Of Jonah (format 2)


Who Moved The Stone (format 1)

Who Moved The Stone (format 2)


Combat Kit Against Bible Thumpers


50000 errors in the Bible


The Choice Part 1


The Choice Part 2


The Instrument of Light by Dawood Ngwane


Dr. Maurice Baucaille

The Bible, The Qur'an and Science


Kais al-Kalby

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Last Messenger in the Bible (detailed 586 page book by Kais al-Kalby) (from:


Dr Bilal Philips

Dawah Training

The True Message of Jesus (pbuh)



Asim Iqbal 2nd downloadable files :

Keep downloading files of this section regularly as these are changed and edited by me. See dates for these downloadable html files given below to see whether you have the latest version or not.


Useful Islamic Links (2nd December 2008)


Necessity of Hadith / Hadeeth (13th August 2007)


Unity of all Muslims on Hadith / Hadeeth (9th May 2008)


Necessity of Islamic Politico-Socio-Economic System (Khilafat) (27th March 2008)


Islamic Currency and Finance (January 2008)


Peace TV of Dr Zakir Naik / IRF (16th October 2008)


Life, Death and 3 types of infinite life (2007)


The Truth of the life of this world (4th April 2008)


The end for Atheism and Agnosticism (10th June 2008)


Open Challenge to all Christians (2007)



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Interfaith Issues : The End for Atheism and Agnosticism and Challenge to all Christians 


Mega Intrafaith issues 1 : Necessity of Hadith and Unity of all Muslims on Hadith Project 


Mega Intrafaith issues 2 : Necessity of Islamic Politico-Socio-Economic System 



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