Interview with Asi Haskal



Asi Haskal is an oriental dancer and designs costumes for dancers from all over the world.
As a son to the Iraqi community he absorbed the classic Egyptian dance from his family and from the typical lifestyle of the Middle East.
AT the age of 12 Asi started designing dancers costumes,
and since he met a lot of dancers   he himself started to dance. In the Iraqi community it is conventional to invite oriental dancers and orchestra to family gathering and events,
this way Asi got the opportunity to be familiar with all popular Arabic music in general and with the Egyptian classics in particular
Since he was a child while watching TV shows and movies  he dreamed about visiting in
Egypt and this occupation made the dream come true, He flew often to Egypt where he met his favorite dancers Nagoa Foad, Fifi Abdo, Dina, Sohir zaki, Mona El Said and more.
Asi established with them and with tailors and designers that work in Cairo relationships
that last till this day.
 When he was adolescent he joined a dance group as a designer and after a short period became soloist.
Asi has a magnificent musical ear, charisma and charming personality.
In the last years he engraved an original style which proves his great talent and grace, his style is characterized with masculine and not feminine elements.
Asi has become a famous dancer in the middle east thanks to his unique style and identity.
The costumes he performs with are of course his own designs and has an affinity to the Egyptian culture.
As opposed to costumes he designs to dancer his costumes are equable without exposed belly and he wears a special head cover (Turban) and a royalty gown.
Since he had based himself reputation of an exclusive and unusual artist he often
performs in the media and news papers, in national and cultural events, festivals, fashion shows, TV productions and commercials.
In addition he often performs in weddings and family events around Israel and among the Arabic community.
He is an artist who makes bridging between language, sound, religion,
race and sex.
Five years ago due to mass demand he opened the oriental dancing school where he teaches every day. Some of his student had become dancers themselves. His spirit and inspiration prevail in the studio and makes a remarkable atmosphere.
Every year hundreds of dancers come to his workshops at the International oriental dance festival which takes place in Eilat, Israel. Asi decomposes the music and explains the moves and the steps
in order the dancers will be able to perform perfectly with his choreography.
As a teacher Asi has a special connection with all of his students, he is capable to identify ones difficulty in real time and help overcome it and fix it.
Asi have preformed in the USA, Italy, France and Turkey, and is invited to perform and to teach all over the world.