Activity 1: Physical Features

GPS Standard: SSWG5 a. describe the location of major physical features and their impact on the regions of Asia.    b. describe the major climates of each region and how they have affected each region’s development.   c. analyze the impact of the topography and climate on population distribution in the regions.  f. explain the division of the Indian-subcontinent into India and Pakistan and the eventual creation of Bangladesh
EQ: What are the major physical features of Indian-sub-continent?
Do:  Get the Physical Features Map from Mr. J.
Use: the maps below to label the physical features map.
Mountains, Plains/Plateaus, surrounding countries...
Political Map of India...
Rivers Systems of India...
What's a subcontinent?
Southern Asia is sometimes called a subcontinent, a large landmass that is smaller than a continent.  In fact, it is often refered to as the Indian Sub-continent because the country of India dominates the region -- this area is about half the size of the United States.  As you can see from the map that you labeled, natural borders help separate the subcontinent from the rest of Asia.
Mountain Ranges & Climate
Look again at the physical features map that you just labeled.  You can see the two mountain ranges meet at the tip of India.  Because of the Rain Shadow Effect, what is the climate like between on the plateau between the two ranges?
The Himalyan mountain range was created millions of years ago by the Indian & Eurasian Plates shifting and colliding into one another.  Over time, this colliding built up the land and created the world's tallest mountain range, including the peak of Mt. Everest (29,035 feet).
Fertile Plans
The Indo-Gangetic Plain extends south of the Himalayas.  The large river systems there provide fertile soil and easy irrigation to support India's 1 billion people.  This area has the highest population density and is home to some of India's largest cities. 
Checkpoint:  After completing the activity & reading the passages above, take the pop quizBe sure to show Mr. J your score or you will not recieve any credit.