Vietnam June 2013 - Welfare, WSPA & WSAVA

Report by Dr. Shane Ryan
Chair AOVG
President-Elect FAVA
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HCMC Vietnam, 22-23 June 2013

Our speakers for the AOVG seminar "Clinical Pathology in Small Animals" in HCMC - Dr. Somporn Techangamsuwani & Dr. Veronica Matawaran - graciously provided their time & expertise freely. The seminar was very well received & attended by veterinary practitioners from all over Vietnam. AOVG thanks them both very much for their generosity.

The speakers did receive some financial support - Dr. Somporn was sponsored by Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), which has an ongoing institutional relationship with Nong Lam University. I thank the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Chulaongkorn for this valuable contribution.

Dr. Veronica's airfare from the Philippines was very kindly sponsored by WSPA. In recognition of this vital support, AOVG provided lectures on both days of the seminar using WSPA's Advanced Concepts in Animal Welfare teaching modules. Dr. Karlo Gicana provided very interesting presentations, engaging & involving the audience with humorous explanatory ancedotes.

AOVG & FAVA look forward to working closely with WSPA in the future.

AOVG Vietnam - Welfare lectures
Dr. Karlo Gicana delivering the WSPA eCAW lectures

These lectures on animal welfare gave me the opportunity to introduce the Animal Wellness & Welfare Committee (AWWC) of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) to members of the veterinary profession in Vietnam.

The AWWC's goal is to make welfare issues an everyday consideration for small animal practitioners. To realise this goal, the AWWC has been conducting a practitioner survey to gain insight on the state of small companion animal welfare as viewed by veterinarians in each country.The VSAVA kindly offered to translate the survey into Vietnamese & forward responses - in English ! - to WSAVA.

AOVG WSAVA Welfare lecture - Shane Ryan
Dr. Shane Ryan introducing WSAVA's Animal Wellness & Welfare Committee

Dr. Le Quang Thong, DVM, PhD, Associate Dean, Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine at Nong Lam University has again provided translation over the full course of the seminar - a demanding & very necessary job. Without his service the seminar would not have been possible.

Lastly I'd like to thank Dr. Huynh Thi Thanh Ngoc & the VSAVA for organising all the local aspects of the seminar. All the hard work, generosity & hospitality are great appreciated.

Thank you all.

Shane Ryan
Report by Dr. Karlo Gicana
Director Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Philippines

The Vietnam Experience

It’s a sunny afternoon when I arrive in Ho Chi Minh. I have learned to love this place and this is one of my favourite cities in the Southeast Asian region. I have taken this personal commitment of helping the Vietnam veterinary practitioners through VSAVA in my own limited capacity.

This year’s lecture series focuses on the Clinical Pathology in the Veterinary practice. Through the efforts of AOVG and VSAVA, they have brought in formidable speakers in the presence of Dr Somporn Techangamsuwan from Chulalongkorn University and Dr Veronica Matawaran from University of the Philippines. WSPA also gladly supported one of our speakers. In return, one of the lecture topics presented is on Animal Welfare concepts. I delivered the lecture on Animal Welfare using the module provided by the Southeast Asian Education Program Coordinator, Dr Natasha Lee.

Karlo Gicana

In my experience, majority of the modules dwell on large animal practices so I need to infuse some concepts of small animal practice for the audience to understand better. I have seen the interest in the eyes of the participants with regards to this topic. Hence, I am recommending more engagements of WSPA in the region through various institutions and organizations.

AOVG Vietnam 2013

On the lighter side of things, I have enjoyed the company of Shane, Somporn, Veronica and Ngoc. I appreciate all the efforts of the organizing committee in making this event possible. I’m happy that there are people who are committed in helping others through various capacities. I salute the undertakings of AOVG for bridging cultures and fostering ties among Asians through its Vets educating Vets program.

AOVG speakers & organisers June 2013 HCMC
Drs. Jade, Karlo, Shane, Veronica, Somporn & Thong

The food, the fun, the laughter and the company of friends made this trip a sure winner in my memory bucket list. The smiles and memories of Vietnam never failed to amaze me again and again.

Karlo Gicana

Karlo's report is also available as a PDF file here.