VeV in Vietnam March 2013

Report by Dr. Cucu Kartini Lie
Praktek Dokter Hewan Bersama
Jakarta, Indonesia

HCMC Vietnam, March 2013

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Shane Ryan and Dr. Jade (Huynh Thi Thanh Ngoc) for entrusting me with the opportunity to share my experience as small animal practitioner with our colleagues in Vietnam.  This activity was held last March 22 - 23, 2013.

As a general practitioner who is interested in ophthalmology, the process of learning is not easy compared with the fresh graduate who can focus directly into a specialized field.  I have had to attend many Continuing Education events including Seminars, Courses, Distance Learning and Internships in Animal Ophthalmology Clinics.  I really understand how difficult and costly it is, to improve my knowledge and skill with only my limited basic knowledge from veterinary school. 

Finally, I was happy to be able to share my experience to my Vietnam colleagues in basic eye examinations and simple surgery on the eyelids.

VeV Vietnam 2013
Drh. Tiara Putri Sajuthi &  Drh.Cucu Kartini Lie with 
the Vietnamese veterinary organisers 

On the first day in the morning session, I started with basic theory.  Some of the participants seem bored! So after the lunch break, I changed from theory to interactive discussions with the help of Dr. Nguyen Bien's eye cases (he is an Internal Medicine lecturer at the HCMC Veterinary school).  Interactive discussion was very enjoyable and valuable for all participants. I believe most of the participants were experienced at least 7 years as general practitioners with many eye cases, and I assumed that they knew their theory by reading textbooks and my course handouts.  I saw their enthusiasm which gave me the strength to continue the CE!

The first morning - theory!
The first morning - theory!

the class

The second day morning session we did practice direct eye examinations on patients of Dr. Van and other attending vets. Their clients brought their pets (a total of 8 patients) with various different problems (glaucoma, cataracts, KCS, keratitis pigmentation, cherry eye, distichiasis, deep corneal ulcer and epiphora). They are all very patient while waiting for their turn for my examination. All the participants were very active and really paid close attention to my explanations.  And thank you for Dr. Le Quang Thong who acted as interpreter, which let all participants understand my talk. 

In the afternoon session, we did the wet lab/hands-on eyelid surgery (eyelid tumour, entropion Holtz-Celsus and ectropion Kuhnt-Szymanowski).  After finishing with all these topics, some of the participants asked for demonstrations to deal with cherry-eye and corneal graft procedures. 

Thank you to my lovely daughter (Drh. Tiara Putri Sajuthi) who assisted me during the wet lab.

I hope the Vietnamese veterinarians enjoyed the workshop and have been able to apply all of the theory. And I hope they are now doing these procedures in their daily practice!  I believe within 5 years Vietnam vets will reach the level of other Asian veterinarians. 

Drs. Jade, Cucu & Tiara PutriDrs. Jade, Cucu & Tiara Putri

I thank all my new friends for the hospitality shown to my daughter and I while we were in Vietnam.  Thanks to Dr. Yen for picking us at the airport and to the students, Rose and Cao Nam An, who took us sight-seeing to Ben Than market, temple and museum. 

Nice and delicious dinners with generosity of Drs Ngoc, Van, Thong and Yen .... all those memories I will never forget. 

Good luck to everyone. 

Cucu Kartini Lie