Veterinary Externship Program

Report by Dr. Shane Ryan

Singapore, September 2013

Quite early on, AOVG
was asked whether we could facilitate an externship program for graduate veterinarians. The concept was similar to that of the 1- 2 week student rotations we all had whilst at veterinary school. And whilst continuing education opportunities - especially companion animal practitioners in the Asian region - are increasing, many veterinarians would like to get some practical experience not routinely available to them. And see how practices operate in other countries or areas that may have more developed veterinary services sectors.

For AOVG, this is chance to add another level of sophistication to the  provision of continuing veterinary professional development for our colleagues in the Asia-Pacific region.

To date, requests have been received from individuals & associations in Vietnam, Indonesia & the Philippines. Offers for placement have come from Singapore & Indonesia (Bogor University).

If you are interested in providing an externship place at your clinic (large or small animal), farm, animal institution or university please get in contact with me at Similarly for sponsorship opportunities -  we envisage that a sponsor would help a veterinarian with travel & accommodation costs whilst on overseas study.

Shane Ryan

Attached is the report of the first such externship in the program - two young veterinarians from Bali - Anak Agung Ngurah Oka Pujawan & I Bagus Made Bhaskara - spent a week at my clinic in Singapore - Companion Animal Surgery. Another four to five more veterinarians from Bali will also spend time at Companion over the next few weeks.

Balinese, Singaporean & Chinese vets together!

Multinational - Drs. I Bagus Made Bhaskara, Anak Agung Ngurah Oka Pujawan (Bali),
Nick Woo (Singapore) & Cong Yong Zhi (China)