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The Asian Urban Research Association (AURA) is an association of scholars and practitioners dedicated to the exchange of views and experiences on cities, metropolitan areas, urbanization, and closely related social, economic, political, and environmental issues in the Asian context.  AURA promotes and accomplishes a dialogue that shares research, planning, and problem-solving through the Asian Urbanization Conference series, publications, a newsletter, and the sharing of professional contacts.   Current efforts are focused on the 12th Asian Urbanization Conference scheduled for December 28-30, 2013, details of which are provided below and on other pages.

 for the
December 28-30, 2013

Dept. of Geography
Banares Hindu University
Varanasi, U.P., India

Registration Packet / Form download link may be found at bottom of page

Conference Themes:

Urban Dynamics, Environment and Health are three major interlinked areas in the fields of urban studies, urban geography, and urban planning, with all three strongly connected to social well-being. The interconnections of various elements of these three areas have great bearing on the life quality of people in space and time. The sequential arrangement of these three themes in this conference is an expression of priority action of the process of change in spatial, environmental and human context along with time. 

Papers outside of these themes but pertaining to Asian urbanization and Asian cities  may also be submitted.

Paper Abstract Submission and Registration:

An abstract of 250 words with one and half line spacing in MS Word in TNR should be submitted via e-mail to the Convener. Early submission of the paper abstract (s) is highly encouraged for smooth functioning of the conference.  Abstract must provide information on the description of topic, theoretical focus, objectives, study area, data and research methods, expected findings and significance. Submission of the full length of paper neatly typed in MS Word in A4 size with one and a half line spacing in  TNR with original maps and diagram (preferably in black and white) is mandatory. Papers will be selected through peer reviewing process and will be considered for publication after the conference is successfully over.

Abstract without full Registration Fee will not be accepted and printed in the Book of Abstracts. 

About the Asian Urbanization Conference Series:

This 12th International Asian Urbanization Conference is being hosted by the Department of Geography, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India in association with the Asian Urban Research Association (AURA). AURA was established in January 1986 and is housed at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, USA. It is a non-profit research organization whose primary purpose is to promote the study of urbanization, urban growth and to organize Asian Urbanization Conferences. The conferences are biennial (held every other/alternate year) and have resulted in many publications. The scholarly legacy of the original organizers and the successful history of these conferences have served to brand this conference as of a recognized quality for a diversity of scholars and practitioners across the globe.  

More information on the conference series and AURA is found elsewhere on the website.

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission                    April 30, 2013

Abstract Acceptance Notification  May 31, 2013 

End of Early Bird Registration       May 15, 2013

Full Paper Submission                  June 30, 2013

Conference                                 December 28-30, 2013

Field Trips to the Ganga Riverfront, in Varanasi City, and the Buddhist sites at Sarnath are scheduled for December 29 and December 31.  See registration packet for details.

Registration Fees:

Before  16th May, 2013 (“Early Bird” Rates)
Rs. 1200 – Indian Nationals
$50 (USD) –SAARC Country Scholars / Practitioners
$100 (USD) –Rest Developing Country Scholars / Practitioners
$150 (USD) - Developed /High Income Country Scholars / Practitioners
Accompanying Person Registration Fee:  The same amount as applicable in case of his/her own associated member. 

After  May 15, 2013
Rs. 1500 – Indian Nationals
$75 (USD) –SAARC Country Scholars / Practitioners
$125 (USD) –Rest Developing Country Scholars / Practitioners
$175 (USD) - Developed /High Income Country Scholars / Practitioners
Accompanying Person Registration Fee:  The same amount as applicable in case of his/her own associated member.

Payment Methods: 

Option #1 – Payment of Registration Fee should be made by Demand Draft issued in favour of the: Convener, 12th International Asian Urbanization Conference, B.H.U., preferably drawn on SBI and payable at Varanasi, India. Simply complete the registration form and return by post with demand draft for the registration and other fees. (Both Foreign and Indian Participants can use this option).

Option #2–(For Foreign Participants Only): Registration Fee can be paid by using the Bank Account and Swift Code number also. The name of the Bank is – State Bank of India (SBI), Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. The Bank Account Number in this Bank is – 32523528122 and the Swift Code of this Bank is – SBININBB501.

Option #3–(E-mail), you may return your registration form as an e-mail attachment.  However, fees must be paid by using option #1 or 2. 

More registration information and other conference details may be found in the registration packets available for download via the links below.

For further information about the 12th Asian Urbanization Conference, please contact: 

Convener / Local Organizer
Dr. B.R.K. Sinha
Dept. of Geography
Faculty of Science
Banaras Hindu University
Varanasi, UP- 221005, India

voice: 0091-9451841995 (Cell); 0091-542-2570864 (H),
fax:  0091-542-2368010

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