Welcome! to the Asian Stereotyping in Pop Culture and Media Homepage

This site was created to explore the ways in which Asian stereotypes in the 21st century circulate throughout different sources of media. In particular, our focus is on the way in which these media stereotypes are perpetrated through popular culture. People are flooded with images and videos involving stereotypes on a daily basis. Although most of the images are viewed as humorous and harmless, to what degree is the acceptance of this information an acceptance of stereotypes of a minority culture as a whole? Do viewers laugh while keeping in mind the negative consequences of the stereotypes being perpetrated or do they laugh because they already accept the stereotypes as truth? And how seriously should these images / jokes be taken? Through this site we will explore the ways in which Asian Stereotypes have been spread throughout popular culture and hopefully inspire debates regarding these questions.
Here are some interesting pictures representing Asian stereotypes found on the internet:

* We do not claim ownership of any of the images / videos featured on this website. All media was found through internet resources while researching our topic. *