The Quran and the Bible

This work is dedicated to Arzika (Christian) and Bardha (Muslim), mother and daugther, symbol of the interreligious dialogue

Introductory note

It is often said that in the Koran and in the Bible there are similar verses, but not everyone knows that the parallel verses are not only a few dozen but hundreds.
In the text below we have provided at least the most important and they are over 600. You can read them at the same time.
On the far right it is the Koranic verse in Arabic, while on the left the parallel verse of the Bible in Hebrew or Greek. Both the Koranic verses and the biblical concordances are translated into Italian, English and Bengali.

The reading of parallel texts can help us, Christians and Muslims, to realize how we are brothers. The history then has divided us and political interests, rather than the religious ones, prevailed making us to feel enemies.

Several times in the Qur'an it is emphasized that the Revelation given by Allah to Muhammad, is not "Another revelation" but the "confirmation" of that given to Abraham, to Jesus, to the prophets. The roots of our Revelation are the same. If we Christians and Muslims, will love each other and forgive more, we will be able to read the books of our religion without prejudice, nor hostility.

Since many of my nomad friends in Bangladesh, India, Palestine and Algeria are Muslims; I think integral part of my mission every attempt to a interreligious dialogue especially at this historical time, in which some sectors of Islamic fanatics commit acts of violence that deeply humiliate the Islamic religion. 

Fr.Renato Rosso

Editor's note:
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