The South Asian Caucus (SAC-ASHA) publishes annual e-newsletter called ASHAKIRAN. AshaKiran is designed to be a platform to highlight research and clinical advances as they relate to evidence based clinical service delivery to/by individuals of South Asian origin. Each edition of AshaKiran includes the following sections:

  • Spotlight will profile a South Asian professional in a field affiliated to speech, language, and/or hearing.

  • People will feature updates on South Asian members, including publications, awards, appointments, and other personal achievements.

  • Voices provides the opportunity for members of the SAC-ASHA to express opinions, narrate experiences (at a new job, as a South Asian professional, a trip back to the Asian-Indian sub-continent, etc.), respond to articles published in Asha Kiran, or raise issues that they would like the SAC-ASHA to address. Voices is an open forum for comments.

  • Articles provide readers with a broad overview of current developments in research and clinical practice in speech, language, and hearing, particularly as they pertain to service delivery to and by individuals of Asian Indian origin.

  • Clinical Innovations highlights new trends in clinical service delivery that are of particular interest to professionals and clients of South Asian background.

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AIC Newsletter ASHAKIRAN 2020

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Last Update: 07 Nov 2020