Welcome to Asian, Gay & Proud, a safe space for Asian Pacific-Islander American (APIA) members of the LGBTQ (and questioning) community.  Check out our tabs for queer APIA coming out stories, links, and other resources.

-Have you ever wondered why all the gay and lesbian celebrities were white? (Where was the token Asian actress in The L Word?)

Did you ever feel like you couldn't possibly be gay because you never heard it discussed about at home?

-Have you ever felt like you were the only gay Asian person in your entire community?

-Are you afraid to tell your Asian parents about your sexuality because, well let's face it, you've never even talked about sex with them? 

-Have you ever felt enraged by all of the porn that comes up when you type Asian and Gay in a Google search?

Well, these are the questions we should be asking!  But we're here to let you know that we DO exist, and in large numbers.  We deserve a voice and we can only do so if we share our stories and experiences with each other.   Being Asian-American already puts us in the minority, and being queer on top of that makes it even harder for some of us to come to terms with our identity.  We are a diverse group of people with a wide range of beliefs, but the reality is that America and many of its citizens will put us in the same box. 

If you're visiting this site, you've probably come out to yourself (or are considering it) and that's good news for the rest of us! Share your story, and let the rest of our community know about your unique experiences.  The focus of this website is on coming out and letting the people around you know that you're queer and proud of it!  But first, you need to come out to yourself and know that you're perfectly fine the way you are and that while there will be people who might discriminate you for your sexuality, there's nothing more important than the love you give yourself.  The love you have for yourself always outweighs the negativity and prejudices of others. 

Asian, Gay and Proud's Missions:
  1. Create a safe space for Asian or Asian-American LGBTQ to learn about the coming out process
  2. Provide accurate and diverse information about being an Asian member of the LGBTQ community
  3. Share stories and opinions with each other

We're currently calling for submissions from Asian or Asian-American LGBTQ on their coming out stories.  Please send all submissions through the Contact Us page in the tabs above.

If you've been frustrated by the whiteness, male-ness and wealthiness of the "It gets better" campaign, watch this:

This video isn't specifically about APIA issues but extremely important and powerful nonetheless.