Keep Hot Fashion

keep hot fashion
  • Make into a particular or the required form
  • Use materials to make into
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keep hot fashion - Blue Flame
Blue Flame Hot Rod Rubberized Coating Premium Snap on Protector Faceplate Hard Case for LG Cosmos Touch VN270
Blue Flame Hot Rod Rubberized Coating Premium Snap on Protector Faceplate Hard Case for LG Cosmos Touch VN270
For LG Cosmos Touch VN270, This Rubber Coating protector case is crafted out of high quality hard plastic and custom made for your device without adding extra bulk. Front & back pieces are made with a durable thin layer of soft Rubber Coating material with art design on high quality hard plastic. The smooth surface provides you with a lasting grip on your LG Cosmos Touch VN270 with art design give this case an unmatched look. All cutouts are perfectly designed so you are able to utilize every function of your phone. The case is great for those are seeking a fresh new design for their phones as well as superb protection and full access.

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She's Here!
She's Here!
My NRFB Hot Looks Stacey arrived yesterday. She's amazing! I love her face, her pink lips, her brown eyes, dark hair, and big yellow bow! Stacey is the American Hot Looks Model. The back of the box gives interesting facts about each doll. Stacey's quote: "I just wanna have fun!" Stacey's ambition: To be a music video Vee-Jay Ahhh, she's so MTV 1986 with her Benetton colors and Cyndi Lauper motto! The tape holding her comb and her paper portfolio is so old that it has dried up and lost its stick, so these items have detached from the cardboard liner inside - but she's definitely as new as a 1986/87 doll can be! I think I want to keep her boxed - but I'm going to try opening the box from the bottom, sliding her out, and sprucing up her fashion and accessories. I love the way she's posed inside. (But part of me REALLY wants to take her out and play with her! What do you do when you want to play with the doll but love the packaging too??) Anyone know the best thing to clean cello windows with? Will water leave streaks? Will rubbing alcohol damage the plastic? More photos coming soon once I get her "just so."
Hot look
Hot look
Powerful laser beams were used to cut, join and decorate this polyester shift dress. The laser-melted fabric provides its own finish, keeping it pure and free from chemical coatings. This makes recycling the material much simpler. Source: Kate Goldsworthy, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, with thanks to Textiles Environment Design, Chelsea College of Art & Design; Teijin Fibers; TWI Ltd and The Materials KTN Front view. Grey graduated background.

keep hot fashion
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