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gossip girl fashion games
    gossip girl
  • Gossip Girl is an American young adult novel series written by Cecily von Ziegesar and published by Little, Brown and Company, a subsidiary of the Hachette Group.
  • The second season of Gossip Girl, an American teen drama based upon the book by Cecily von Ziegesar and Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage created the series.
  • The CW officially renewed Gossip Girl for a fourth season on February 16, 2010.
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gossip girl fashion games - Celebrity Gossip
Celebrity Gossip Box of Questions
Celebrity Gossip Box of Questions
From the Manufacturer See which of your friends is up on the latest scandal with the Celebrity Gossip Box of Questions. This game will put your tinsel town knowledge to the test and will definitely add some juicy conversation to any get together. Colorful gift box is 5" diameter x 3.25" tall and filled with 82 glossy question cards. The Box Girls started in 2002 when BFF moms Cece Feiler and Heidi Hadda were at a restaurant with their hungry husbands and six kids and the service was slow. To avoid a mealtime meltdown, the two moms started asking questions to engage their kids and what was potentially a disastrous night turned into a magical night of bonding and sharing. That night the first game in the successful Box of Questions original series was launched. Hundreds of thousands of boxes in this successful series have been enjoyed by families and friends across the globe. These clever, age-appropriate, party, and holiday themed question-games instantly unite any group while re-establishing the art of storytelling. Since the first game was sold, The Box Girls has donated a percentage of their profits to charitable organizations. Join us and enjoy. Product Description See which of your friends is up on the latest scandal with the Celebrity Gossip Box of Questions! This game will put your tinsel town knowledge to the test and will definitely add some juicy conversation to any get together! - Fun questions like: Which celebrity personifies a meltdown? - Which celebrity couple has the cutest kids? - Which celebrity has the "it" factor?

88% (13)
Don't flirt with B's boyfriend . . .
Don't flirt with B's boyfriend . . .
*if you don't know yet, B is Brittany, L is Layla and M is Markus* Oh My. Looks like B is angry . . . for the first time, on her BFF. How could she? B is like that. She has her own things, no one can touch it or own it. Don't ever try. It looks like L didn't know it . . . They were hanging out with some friends at B's house, and aswell, B's boyfriend was there. He's called M. (by me) Eew, M is such a pervert, douchebag, sex obsessed, hot dude, anything you want. But still, B loooves him. Maybe he even cheated on her more than 3 times, but ah. B doesn't really take attention on other things than beauty, fashion and sex. L was talking with M, and of course, as she does with every boy she meets, she started to get close of him, and put her hand on his thigh, and oh well. B's eyes were right on them, of course. She drank over 5 glasses of white wine, she couldn't accept to let them do all those flirting things, right in front of her. But eh, L was prettiest and richest than herself. She was on top. If B ever tried to face L up, it would already be Game Over. So what was she going to do? ________________ B : Hey hun, Markus, whatcha doing, uh? . . . . *tries to keep up her confidence* M : Uhm, just talking with Layla. Is there something wrong? B : Yeahh, right . . . L : Ohh but Britt, I hope there's no problem on me and Markus talking together? If it embarrasses you, we can stop ya know! . . . B : *interrupts L* No, it's alright. I . . . don't mind. Duhh, I bet I'm very tired, perhaps. L : Yeahh, it looks like it. I didn't want to say it, but you're fucking getting on my nerves, Britt. I mean, me and Markus can still TALK to each other. M : Yahh, honey? I mean, calm down. B : *sighs* Ohh, never mind. *walks out and gets a bit angry* _____________ Haha, it's so funny! B jealous? Jealous of someone else? Umm. And we all thought she was the proudest girl . . . xoxo, Gossip Bratz.
Quiet on the Set
Quiet on the Set
Was proud to volunteer to be part of a tutorial video associated with the new 'Gossip Girl' in world game, based on the WB televison program of the same name. Here I am sitting in the lobby of the faux 'Waldorf' looking chill. If you are curious check out the Warner Brothers/Gossip Girl Sims in the near future. (To get into 'Character' I pretended I was waiting to meet a long lost love in the lobby of the hotel... If I look a bit concearned it might be because he is running just a few months late on me. tsk tsk - Don't you know that it's not good to keep a pretty girl waiting?)

gossip girl fashion games
gossip girl fashion games
Red Glitter Metallic & New York Black KD dance Leg Warmers, Sexy, Fun, Red & Black Atlanta Falcons, High Quality, Stretch Knit, Ruffled Top, Double As Arm Warmers, Made In USA
More comfortable than a celebrity on the red carpet, the designs by KD Dance make getting dressed to practice your dance, yoga or Pilates moves a coveted and long-overdue kind of chic. That is what happens when two professional dancers channel their energy into design. And its what attracts style hunters for Hollywood and fashion magazines like German Vogue to KD Dance. Jennifer Lopez knows. Rent her 2004 movie, Shall We Dance. Youwill see. The designs made by KD Dance do not cling to your body. Your body clings to them. The designs first created in 1980 by Tricia Kaye and David Lee in the San Francisco Bay Area where the two danced professionally, used an approach no one had ever seen before. The inventive knit they came up with was the beginning of a new kind of comfortable: thin, soft, sweater shorts, tops and bodysuits that breathe and hug the body in a way no other clothing ever could. As dancers, creating beautiful silhouettes with the body came naturally. KD Dance designs honor every inch of that aesthetic. The first designs were created for dancers. But that changed when Lee danced for the Oakland Ballet. He and fellow dancer, Rodney Yee, took their first yoga class. The experience was so profound for both of them, Lee began creating designs with yoga in mind, too. Now based in New York, along with a retail store in NoHo that opened in 1996, the line remains its own genre that do not look or feel like anything else out there.

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