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Dorm Door Decorating

dorm door decorating
  • Make (something) look more attractive by adding ornament to it
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  • dormitory: a college or university building containing living quarters for students
  • A dormitory
  • Dek hor (??????, also Dorm or My School) is a 2006 Thai horror-drama film.
  • Short for dormitory; A bedroom, living room, and kitchen in a space about the size of most walk-in closets
  • Used to refer to the distance from one building in a row to another
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  • A doorway
dorm door decorating - Dorm
(Asia Extreme / Horror) Twelve-year-old Chatree has been reluctantly transferred to an all boys boarding school, where life for him becomes days of misery and loneliness. He is bullied by his peers with tales of drowned boys and hanged girls; his teacher, Ms. Pranee, does little to make him feel welcome, and he has no friends or family to confide in. Despite being a social outcast and recluse, he befriends another student, Wichien. They become fast friends and soon things look bright, until one day he finds that his new friend has a deep dark secret.

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My Room (one of many in flickr)
My Room (one of many in flickr)
Today looks like a nice day. Sun, nice temperature... got everything. And as I was browsing flickr, I noticed many people upload their room. Why take a picture of YOUR room? I thought... But then, I wish I have pictures of other rooms of other places I used to live. Kind of nostalgic moment. So, I decided to take this Glamour Look pic of my room. Obviously, I'm not geotagging it because there are some people looking to get inside my house and I don't want them to find me... ;) I found this poem over the internet by Bobbi Ann Duffy Friday, and I think it can be dedicated this moment to my photo: My Room My room is my refuge And my prison My sanctuary And my cage It gives me safety From almost everyone And keeps me From their rage. It’s a haven from Unpleasantness And a safe harbor from Fear It protects me from The world But the cost of my safety Is quite dear. I stay cloistered in This womb I’ve have created Of concrete walls And an over-locked door I refuse to answer When someone taps Because it rattles me To the core. I will escape this room someday And begin to live anew. It may take a long time But it’s something only I can do.
dorm room
dorm room
this is my room for next year. This picture is obviously kind of old, though-- it's much warmer now. My room is the one with the circle-- to the left is Neil, to the right are Mike and Jeff. They are my awesome suitemates for the year-- we will share a small-ish common room, which we will decorate with a TV, xbox, wii, etc. Classic rock and Movie posters are a distinct possibility. I will have my own bedroom, which will be small, but... mine. We are at the corner of campus which is the exact opposite of where all classes are held. The only way it would be worse would be if we were Architecture or Art students, as those buildings are even further. We can't complain, though, we're living with a ton of our friends, and we got to pick our rooms. Plus we live in the new dorms as opposed to the old ones. The only negative to this is that our common room does not have any windows-- in the old dorms, the common room is against the outer wall and has big sliding-glass doors going out to a small porch.

dorm door decorating
dorm door decorating
The Dorm Room Diet: The 10-Step Program for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Plan That Really Works
The national bestseller, now updated with a fresh look and new material and recipes–written especially for college students by a college student who avoided the Freshman 15 with her own healthy lifestyle plan.

As a teenager, Daphne Oz struggled with her weight, trying fad diets with extreme restrictions difficult to stick with, and always ended up frustrated, right back where she started. Taking the opportunity of the major transition to college life and living on her own, Daphne developed her own healthy eating and exercise plan that would not only help her avoid the "Freshman 15," but help her lose 10 pounds in her first semester.

In an easy-to-follow 10-step program, The Dorm Room Diet addresses issues unique to college life and its danger zones—eating on the run, late-night studying, sporting events, and parties—with practical advice for making good choices in any situation. Daphne also coaches students on dorm room-ready workouts, vitamins and supplements, the prevalence of alcohol and beer, and coping with stress.

This completely revised edition features a new chapter on conscious eating and an additional recipe section, including vegan and gluten-free dishes that you can prepare in your dorm or kitchen.