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Decorating Tables Ideas

decorating tables ideas
  • Provide (a room or building) with a color scheme, paint, wallpaper, etc
  • (decorate) make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day"
  • (decorate) award a mark of honor, such as a medal, to; "He was decorated for his services in the military"
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  • Confer an award or medal on (a member of the armed forces)
  • (decorate) deck: be beautiful to look at; "Flowers adorned the tables everywhere"
  • (table) postpone: hold back to a later time; "let's postpone the exam"
  • Present formally for discussion or consideration at a meeting
  • (table) a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"
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decorating tables ideas - Southern Lady:
Southern Lady: Gracious Tables: The Perfect Setting for Any Occasion
Southern Lady: Gracious Tables: The Perfect Setting for Any Occasion
Entertaining doyenne Phyllis Hoffman shows how to prepare a stunning table for any occasion.
So many of the events of our lives, from the formal to the informal, are celebrated by gathering around a table. Whatever the occasion—whether it's a holiday dinner, Sunday brunch, or a casual lunch with friends—the table is the place where we relax and enjoy each other's company while savoring a great meal.
No one knows how to dress a table with elegance and flair better than Phyllis Hoffman, publisher of Southern Lady magazine, the quintessential resource for entertaining the gracious Southern way. Now, Hoffman draws upon her years of expertise to create Southern Lady Gracious Tables, the definitive guide to creating gorgeous "tablescapes" for every occasion.
Starting with the basics, Hoffman presents a series of breathtaking spreads for a whole range of occasions, from formal settings to casual get-togethers, and describes how to achieve each look, right down to the recipes—55 in total—for her mouthwatering specialties. Enjoy a lovely outdoor lunch of tasty Fried Green Tomatoes with Crab and Green Chile Cream Sauce, or finish off a dinner party with delectable Praline Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce.
Hoffman then builds a "wardrobe for the table," navigating through the complex world of dinnerware, fine linens, and serving pieces. Each and every element of the table—from fruit saucer to lemon fork to water goblet—is covered in a friendly, helpful way.
Finally, there's advice on adding that all-important personal touch, with instructions on how to craft flowers, family heirlooms, collectibles, and other unexpected treasures into the perfect centerpiece, place marker, or accent. All along, her advice includes refreshingly simple techniques for presentation and encourages the reader's own creativity in playing with colors, patterns, and styles.
Complemented by lush photography and told in Hoffman's accessible, encouraging, and deliciously Southern voice, Southern Lady Gracious Tables is a must-have for every aspiring hostess, south or north of the Mason Dixon. The perfect gift for any woman who loves to entertain, it has all the tools, tips, and inspiration you need to elevate the ordinary to the unforgettable.

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From "1601 Decorating Ideas for Modern Living," 1973
From "1601 Decorating Ideas for Modern Living," 1973
From "1601 Decorating Ideas for Modern Living," 1973 "From time to time the great chemical companies initiate research into the possibilities of the "house of tomorrow," in order to bring their new synthetics to the atention of architects and interior designers and to show their versatility. The resulting creations, commissioned from outstanding design teams, often provide powerful impetus for mass productions - though models like the one shown here for a cooking center in "Home 1980" will probably not be produced in the foreseable future. It is designed to be built into a large, open room, and consists of basic components that can be completed by a number of additional units, thus suiting the needs of the individual owner. The round counter-like table at the right combines the stove, warming tray, and dining area; the hood over it, which contains ventilation, dehumidifying, and lighting equipment, demonstrates what technical perfection is already possible in today's kitchen." From "1601 Decorating Ideas for Modern Living", 1973.
Decoração e reciclagem: Eu fiz! Enfeite de galhos secos
Decoração e reciclagem: Eu fiz! Enfeite de galhos secos
Como prometido, fiz a minha versao do arranjo de para as folhas. Como tudo na minha sala tem tons de preto, branco vermelho e azul, resolvi usar essas tonalidades mesmo. Agora esta enfeitando o meu rack. Eu gostei do resultado. Quem sabe vc tbm nao se anima? O que acharam? Beijos a todas que acompanham meu flickr.

decorating tables ideas
decorating tables ideas
Tabletops: Easy, Practical, Beautiful Ways to Decorate the Table
Hospitality is the art of generously welcoming guests into your home, and Barbara Milo Ohrbach's Tabletops will make this a delightful experience for all to share.

Whether you are having a party, sitting down with friends and family, or celebrating a holiday, the pleasures of eating at a beautiful table help to make the meal truly memorable. In this book, Ms. Ohrbach, the best-selling author of fourteen books, including The Scented Room, Antiques at Home, and Simply Flowers, brings a fresh and creative eye to the art of decorating tables with flowers, fruits, leaves, and other wonderful objects. Filled with beautiful photographs and simple how-to's, Tabletops offers recipes, clever ideas, and practical solutions for everyday entertaining, parties, and special occasions, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

With her usual clarity and style, Ms. Ohrbach explains how to coordinate linens, china, and silverware so that everything works together. She demonstrates how to accent the table with accessories like candles, napkin rings, and place cards, and includes easy how-to projects, many of which can be done with children. She reveals effortless techniques for taking the mystery out of flower arranging and discusses how to choose the right container for any event. She shares her enthusiasm for visiting places like historic homes, flower shows, restaurants, and farmers' markets that can inspire fresh ideas for creating wonderful tabletops. And finally, Ms. Ohrbach provides a handy international source guide that reveals her favorite places to shop and explore in Europe and the United States. Tabletops will inspire anyone who loves flowers and entertaining, and it is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys setting a beautiful table.

In Tabletops, best-selling author Barbara Milo Ohrbach reveals simple yet spectacular ideas for decorating beautiful tables for both entertaining and everyday use. Illustrated with more than 275 full-color photographs, Tabletops offers practical tips and easy how-to projects for setting the table and for creating centerpieces and individual flower arrangements for your home, parties, holidays, special occasions, and more.

Setting a stunning table need not be confined to special occasions. As renowned author and designer Barbara Milo Ohrbach brilliantly demonstrates, any meal can be made special with the proper visual approach. The ingredients need not be fine china and matching silver; the real key is to develop a creative look for your table. Tabletops is filled with gorgeous color photos and thorough explanations on how to find inspiration, play with color, make and/or coordinate accessories, arrange flowers, and find and add the right decorative touches.