Decorating a girl's room - Cheap home decor.

Decorating A Girl's Room

decorating a girl's room
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decorating a girl's room - Wallies Peel
Wallies Peel and Stick Green Garden Wall Art
Wallies Peel and Stick Green Garden Wall Art
Wallies Peel & Stick Green Garden Wall Art is made of durable, self-adhesive backed vinyl that can be removed and repositioned easily. Enjoy decorating with your Green Garden Wall Art. To use, simply peel the pieces off of the backing in the package and apply to any clean, smooth surface or painted dry wall. This product is not recommended for textured or rough surfaces and should not be placed on newly painted walls, which usually need about 30 days to fully cure. To remove, simply peel and reposition to another area or return it to the original backing for storage. Wallies will not harm or damage surfaces and will not leave a sticky residue. Each package comes with 2 each of 7 styles of vibrantly colored flowers on stems measuring from 3 inches by 11 inches to 4-3/4 inches by 15 inches; 12 colorful flower heads in 5 styles measuring from 2-1/4 inches by 2 inches to 3 inches by 3 inches and 18 leaves in 2 styles measuring from 1-1/4 inches by 3.5 inches to 1 inch X 4-1/4 inches. The package measures 20 inches by 16 inches.

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Teenage Girl Room
Teenage Girl Room
Probably not many sewing machines in teenage girl's rooms these days. Caption reads: A teen-ager with a passion for bright colors could do most of the decorating in this room herself. With some woodworking help, she can design and make the banquette to her specifications, and paint it in a color of her choice. Storage under the bed helps her hide clutter. Her sewing machine comes into the scene, too. If she's had some experience, let her make the cover. She gains a fun room and a valuable lesson in decorating.
70's style doll house, girl's room
70's style doll house, girl's room
Chest of drawers made by me. Knobs are beads. The peacock chair was a find. The doll house is a Christmas ornament. When I purchased this house from a yard sale the stairs entered the room where the peacock chair is sitting. That was too difficult to decorate around so I cut and pasted the wall and created a new stair case in front where a real hallway would be.

decorating a girl's room
decorating a girl's room
Girls Wall Decor - Flower Garden Theme Wall Mural - Wall Stencils for Decorating a Girls Room
Simply splendid! Paint an indoor paradise with this designer flower theme stencil kit. It is the perfect tool for decorating your girl's room. A giant tree, massive flowers and lots of cute creatures will turn your little girl's room into an enchanting wonderland. Nowhere else will you find a collection like this! Stencils Included: tree trunk and branches (36in.w x 80in.h) = (3 feet by 6.5feet) - dragonfly (7in.w x 7in.h) -butterfly 1 (6in.w x 5.5in.h) - butterfly 2 (3in.w x 3in.h) - butterfly 3 (4.5in.w x 3in.h) - butterfly 4 (3.5w x 3.5h) - bee (4in.w x 3in.h) - peacock (8.5in.w x 22in.h) - perching bird 1 (6.5in.w x 4in.h) - perching bird 2 (4.5in.w x 5in.h) - flying birds [mother and baby birds] (19in.w x6.5in.h) - frog (12.5in.w x 4in.h) - snail (7in.w x 2.5in.h) - mouse (3in.w x 3.5in.h) - picket fence piece (6.5in.w x 22in.h) - bird house (5in.w x 9.5in.h) - watering can (12in.w x 9in.h) - pot (8.5win. x 8in.h) - sun (11in.w x 11in.h) - daffodil 1 and foliage (12.5in.w x 4.5in.h) - daffodil 2 (5.5in.w x 13in.h) - hollyhock (6.5in.w x 28.5in.h) - tulip (5.5in.w x 20in.h) - lily (7.5in.w x7.2in.h) - lily stem (7.5in.w x 17.5in.h) daisy (8.5in.w x 8.5in.h) - daisy (7.5in.w x 7.5in.h) - abstract flower (6in.w x 6in.h) - flower stem (4.5in.w x 16in.h) - trumpet flower (1.5in.w x 2.5in.h) - heart (2.5in.w x 2.5in.h) -leafy branch (3in.w x 10in.h) - vine (4.5in.w x 5.8in.h) - grass (10in.w x 13.5in.h) - leaf (3in.w x 6.5in.h)