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Cottage Style Decorating Blogs

cottage style decorating blogs
    cottage style
  • A style of architecture for houses, usually of wood construction, made popular in the 19th century by architects Andrew Jackson Downing and Alexander Jackson Davis, who created pattern books for standard house designs.
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  • A lighthouse comprised of a small one story building with a light on top.  The building housed the keepers, were relatively inexpensive to build and maintain.
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cottage style decorating blogs - The house
The house in the roses
The house in the roses
The house in the roses conjures up serene thoughts of tranquility, harmony, mystery and magic: a temporary place of escape from our harried lives and a place where our imaginations can carry us away to a more idyllic place in time. Read the day to day tales of a woman passionately in love with her home and gardens. The house in the roses weaves magical stories that will charm, enchant, and surprise you at every turn... each post would remind you that life is worth living and dreams the ability to open up to hope.

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Vintage cottage porch light lamp |
Vintage cottage porch light lamp |
Cottage styling, 1920s, Original Onion Glass . Great styling and detailing on this larger sized antique porch light lamp, from the 20s. Amazing that it still retains it's original onion glass shade along with the original bottom ring on the glass. Vintage shade is in excellent condition with no noticeable chips or cracks. Fixture embellished with Fleur de Lis and cast with a hammered looking finish. This antique lighting fixture goes with so many of the romantic era style homes (1920s) Bungalow, Storybook, Tudor, Cottage, Spanish Revival, and it would be a welcome sight on the Craftsman and Arts & Crafts homes as well. Fun and whimsical yet solid. Made of cast aluminum and refinished in an oil rubbed bronze color. At 13 3/4 inches high it is a commanding presence on any entryway. Backplate width is 5 1/2 inches Overall width is 7 inches Projection is 8 1/4 inches
Cottage Style Playhouse Door Detail
Cottage Style Playhouse Door Detail
Door detail of the cottage playhouse I'm making for my 2 year old daughter. I hand rasped the wood to give it a natural and weathered look. Eventually, iron hardware, wood stain, and faux plaster will be added.

cottage style decorating blogs
cottage style decorating blogs
Easy Cottage Style: Comfortable Interiors for Country Living
Country Style is associated with simple, natural comforts--the warm glow of a winter fire of floral fabrics swaying in a cool summer breeze at an open window. As Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell show, these are features that can be recreated in all types of home. Every room can be given its own taste of rustic charm: the kitchen made warm and comfortable, the bedroom soft and romantic, the living room natural and tranquil. With chapters looking at ways of bringing the country into a city home, creating a relaxed kitchen, and choosing colors and fabrics, "Easy Cottage Style" shows you how easily traditional styles can be transformed to enhance relaxed modern living. - Learn how to give your interiors comfort and warmth with fabrics, colors and materials normally found far from the city. - Includes easy-to-follow projects for country-inspired furnishings and decorations. - Exquisite photography by Simon Brown