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Cheap Beach Decor

cheap beach decor
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Hamilton Beach 04383 True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner
Hamilton Beach 04383 True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner
Tower design True-Air Allergen reducing air cleaner will clean a large room up to 160 square feet ( 13 x 12 average size ). Never touch a dirty filter again - just vacuum the permanent HEPA grade filter clean . Low maintenance expense as you never have to buy replacement filters . Ultra quiet 3 speed motor . Use in upright position or on it's side for placement virtually anywhere in the home .Effective at removal of virtually all air borne allergens - including mold spores , pollen, pet dander .

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Gone . .
Gone . .
. . "phishing". I'm not sure in which direction my photography will lead me this year. While I still love the big picture: landscapes, and sometimes mixed with hdr / dri, I realise I have only about half a dozen black and white images on my stream of over 800 pics. So, more b&w for 2009, that's for sure, and certainly macro, even some model / glam / fashion / nude / (mild) erotic if I get the chance. We'll see. Meanwhile, a pic from my friend's new bar Phish Cafe in Rayong, shot early on New Year's eve before the crowds came (at least I hope they did, with three young kids we left early). I hope he does well.
Phish cafe . .
Phish cafe . .
. . the interior. A wider view of the bar in yesterday evening's post. The Phish Cafe bar is situated on the Laem Mae Phim beach on Thailand's east cost in Rayong province. The decor is teak wood and the cafe is a class apart from the other beach bars and restaurants. Classy, with excellent service, it is not an expensive place, and the food is good. If you're in Rayong, check this out.

cheap beach decor
cheap beach decor
Caribbean Pirate 7" Tall Model Ship - Already Built Not a Kit - Wooden Tall Sailing Ship Replica Scale Ship Model Boat Home Nautical Beach Wall D├ęcor or Gift - Sold Fully Assembled
SOLD FULLY ASSEMBLEDReady for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kitRelease your inner pirate with these adorable tall ships models of an authentic Caribbean pirate ship.Exceptional detailing abounds upon this miniature boat that rests easily upon any desk or shelf.Add a touch of nautical history and a spirit of brave adventure to the decor of any office or room with this tall model ship.7" Long x 2" Wide x 6" High (1:325 scale) Amazingly Detailed features include: Wooden masts and spars Thread rigging for all sails Rope ladders ascending both masts Individual deck planks clearly visible Finely-carved stern embellishments Hand-painted with many details Arrives fully assembled with all sails mounted and rigging taut