Shelves For Baby Room

shelves for baby room
    baby room
  • Powdery lilac blend.
  • nursery: a child's room for a baby
  • (shelf) a support that consists of a horizontal surface for holding objects
  • A submarine bank, or a part of the continental shelf
  • (Shelf (computing)) The Shelf is an interface feature in NeXTSTEP and OPENSTEP, and is used as a repository to store links to commonly used files, directories and programs, and as a temporary "holding" place to move/copy files and directories around in the file system hierarchy.
  • A flat length of wood or rigid material, attached to a wall or forming part of a piece of furniture, that provides a surface for the storage or display of objects
  • (shelf) ledge: a projecting ridge on a mountain or submerged under water
  • A ledge of rock or protruding strip of land

craft room shelf
craft room shelf
A shelf in my craft room. My mom gave me the little baby food jars (she had saved them from when I was a baby - she saves everything) which I now use to store beads and craft supplies. The paintings in the background I made for my husband. He loves Dairy Queen blizzards (with nerds) and peanut butter & marshmallow sandwiches - don't ask.
Living Room
Living Room
Our living room is huuuuuuuge! That's the entry, with little corner window, and huge space behind the couch. Still things to be unpacked, and all my crap on the shelf. We bought that big tall bookcase for the new place for only $30! Pile by the door is stuff to get rid of...either Goodwill or recycle.

shelves for baby room
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