Real Baby Toys

real baby toys
    baby toys
  • Baby Toys Records is an independent Russian recording studio that produces high quality music in almost all styles from classic to electronic. Baby Toys Records represents a "listen-before-you-buy" online music service.
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Look what arrived!!!! squee!
Look what arrived!!!! squee!
After my long hunt...I finally found a set I could afford! LOL (they were selling for like $200+ USD!!) but I didnt even spend clooooooose to that! SO BLESSED!!!!! The boys and I have been playing with it alllll day LOL! Its super cute in person, and is very interactive...everything moves and works like a real playground! And the babies are the cutest things ever! MaKai keeps stealing them ive put half of them away for safe keeping!
spider baby
spider baby
Imade these spider babies for my shop. They are pretty large...much bigger than you would like to come accross if it were a real spider. Their leg spam is about 12" and they are 9" from butt to nose. The two front legs are wired. The faces are vintage, 1950's I think. See my profiles for details.

real baby toys
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