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Baby At 41 Weeks

baby at 41 weeks
    baby at
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baby at 41 weeks - There's a
There's a Brand-New Baby at Our House and . . . I'm the Big Sister!
There's a Brand-New Baby at Our House and . . . I'm the Big Sister!
This book is now available in softcover format and includes a die-cut cover for a picture of the big sister and the new baby as well as a downloadable "I'm the Big Sister" iron-on T-shirt transfer.
I'm the Big Sister is an interactive book that will help an older sibling feel that they have an important role in welcoming a new baby into the family. With guided sections, the older sibling will share their favorite Bible stories and songs, favorite foods, special toys, photos, drawings, and other fun information.

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Day 287: Baby, Baby!
Day 287: Baby, Baby!
After an amazing sunday morning at church... (ask, and I'll share... wow!) I got to go and celebrate a new addition to a friend's household: Cody! There was a baby shower to welcome, celebrate, and bless... it was lovely to hear how things are going, catch up with wonderful ladies, and hold a small child (even if it required putting the ceiling fan on for distraction!)
Sonogram says: 10 Pounder
Sonogram says: 10 Pounder
We've just had our 41 week checkup, as well as a full sonogram. Well, the good news is that the baby couldn't be any healthier, and there are no issues at all with respect to his having plenty of room in the womb, fluids, etc. The other news, though, is that he's measuring at about 10 lbs right now! He needs to come out a'fore he gets any bigger!

baby at 41 weeks
baby at 41 weeks
A Baby at Last!: The Couple's Complete Guide to Getting Pregnant--from Cutting-Edge Treatments to Commonsense Wisdom
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