Asian Baby Blanket

asian baby blanket
    baby blanket
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asian baby blanket - Mini La
Mini La Newborn 9.5" Real Boy Blue Blanket Caucasian Berenguer Doll - Assorted Faces
Mini La Newborn 9.5" Real Boy Blue Blanket Caucasian Berenguer Doll - Assorted Faces
These all-vinyl mini treasures make perfect gifts! They are so cute and fit in your hand. This is the anatomically correct real boy with blue blanket variety. They come in an assortment of outfits and ethnicities, to make it easy to find the perfect one for you. The Specialty Play Doll Collection is made up of a wonderful range of dolls that are an amazing mix of quality, design and playability. This collection is perfect for doll enthusiasts that want a lot from their play dolls. They are available in a variety of three different expressions which are selected at random. In stock and ready to ship!

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ten dollars at the flea market
ten dollars at the flea market
365:81 Went to the little-ish flea market nearest our house today. Turns out it isn't quite as much fun when you know you can't spend gratuitously. Behaved admirably. Spent $10 and K. spent $2. Got a vintage change purse (stamped "Japan" on the inside) for $3 and a vintage(?) baby blanket for $7. Love the fabric on both. Snagged a vintage electric knife for $2. Threw in a scary vintage meat thermometer for free. 03/22/09
California Roll (OCV) BIG Tiny
California Roll (OCV) BIG Tiny
This is a BIG Tiny Takara baby blanket (sized at approximately 40" x 40"). One side features the very hard-to-find "California Roll" knit fabric. The other side is 100% organic cotton velour that has been hand dyed in coordinating shades of golden yellow, salmon pink and leafy green. This blanket is turned and topstitched.

asian baby blanket
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