Ordos Golden Horse Necklace

The Ordos region of inner Mongolia had its unique culture before being occupied by the Han Chinese in 2nd Century BC. Many small animal-shaped metal wares were produced between 6th and 1st Century BC. This golden necklace was inspired by a 4th Century BC golden horse. The pendant is in the form of a minimalistic stylized horse in curled recumbent position. The circular loops derived from an Ordos motif was designed into a chain and clasp for the necklace. The striking adaptation of Eurasian style will certainly add to the glamour of any evening wardrobes.

22K gold overlay, with a matte finish and decorative clasp.
Length 17 1/4 in.
22K gold overlay, with a polished finish and linked clasp. Length, 46cm. 
Ordos Golden Horse Necklace
Product No.: JGN-09-21
Price: $265.00

Famille Rose Lotus Serving Bowl 

Chinese porcelain production enjoyed a leading technological edge over its counterparts in the West during the 17th Century. Western advancement in enameling was introduced to produce colorful vessels for western market. The European named these colorful Chinese porcelains in French, namely Famille rose for pink enamel. These Western over-the glaze enamels were also passionately welcomed by Chinese emperors of 17th and 18th Centuries. This large serving porcelain bowl was adapted from an Imperial bowl made in the Daoguang period (1821-1850 AD) from the permanent collection of Asian Art Museum in Tokyo. The bowl is shaped like a wide-open lotus flower which represents purity and is an auspicious symbol in Chinese art and culture.

Porcelain, hand painted, diameter: 18cm, Height: 7cm

Famille Rose Lotus Serving Bowl
Product No.: PB-09-46
Price: $55

Flowers of Korean Ceramics Note Cards

Early Korean potters were particularly adept at re-interpreting natural themes. No other Asian art forms presents flowers as abstract and as powerful as Korean ceramics have. This set of note Cards celebrates the achievement of innovative Korean potters who employed difficult ceramics techniques such as inlaid, carving, incising, underglaze painting and sculpting for depicting flowers on their ceramics vessels. The images are reproduced from Korean ceramics from the Sanyo-Do collection at the Asian art Museum in Tokyo. The set of 12 images features peony, lotus, mallow, willows, lily, poppy, morning glory, chrysanthemums, etc.

3 each of 12 images, 36 cards per box. Boxed with 38 envelopes. 16 cm. x 11cm 
Flowers of Korean Ceramics Note cards
Product No.: NC-09-36
Price: $20.00


Tang Dynasty Silver Hummingbirds Ribbon Bookmark

China was an international metropolis during Tang Dynasty (618-970 AD) with a mixed European and Asia culture.  Many Persian style silver vessels were produced with intricate workmanship.  This lovely silver bookmark features a pair of hummingbirds feeding on flowers adapted from a Tang Dynasty chased and incised parcel gilt bowl from the Asian Art Museum collection.

Photo etched and gold-plated silver. Length including ribbon 28cm
Tang Dynasty Silver Hummingbirds Ribbon Book
Product No.: JSBM-09-32
Price: $21.00

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