The Asian Art Museum of Tokyo ( AAMT ) is dedicated to research and display an important Asian Art collection which was accumulated between 1930's and 1990's by an Asian trading and Internet conglomerate. The Collection of more than 2,000 of outstanding Oriental ceramics, Chinese bronzes, Buddhist art, scholar's literati art, and paintings reflects the taste of two generations of collectors from the Sanyo-Do family who took great pleasure in appreciating superior examples of Asian art. During the course of their 60 years of collecting, they aggressively pursued the best Asian Art of its kind. The collection has not been published until early 2000's when the Internet division conducted special exhibitions of Mumonkan manuscript and Zhu Sansong bamboo brush pot from the Collection in Tokyo and Taipei.

As the Asian Art Museum Organization continues to plan a permanent facility for the AAMT Collection, a website ( ) is established to facilitate the comprehensive display of important examples.
The selected objects from each category are displayed with ample clear and close-up photos.  The lavishly-illustrated website offers visitors a new experience of close encounter with each art object without the constraint of museum display cases and limited number of photos on ordinary museum websites. Our goal is to showcase the aesthetics of Asian Art as if the viewers were personally handling the works of art on display.
We encourage teachers, students, collectors, and scholars to use our photos for noncommercial purposes as long as proper credit is cited. Our curators are more than happy to discuss any questions you might have on the items displayed or any general discussion on Asian art.

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