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Terms and conditions


All prices are for single animals. We do offer 25% discount on bulk orders (minimum 100 pcs). Inquire for a bulk price quotation. 

Shipping and handling
All can be send all over Europe for 15€ and upwards depending on weight. Prepaid orders can be picked up at Hamm or KWH shows in either spring, fall or christmas. 

Life Arrival Guarantee
We guarantee live arrival and replace all animals that arrive dead on arrival, except when the deaths are due to delays by the carrier or receiver. 

Payment can be done via PayPal. We send a money request functioning as an invoice to your email account. You transfer the money with your order and receiving adress, so we can complete the order as fast as possible.

PayPal transfer fee is 6% of total amount transferred. 

Payment can also be done via cash pr. recommended letter to our adress. Please inquire for details.

We only reserve orders that are paid in advance.

Orders are usually sent the first coming monday after the payment. If the weather is not good for sending, usually during the winter months, we can hold the reserved spiders and care for them until the weather is good for sending. This is absolutely free.