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March 18th 2009:
The literature and the links sections are now updated and up and running. Please do notify us of any dead links.

March 2009: Several new features will be added to the site in short time
We have decided to add a few new features to the site due to the response our danish blog fugleedderkoppeblog has received from foreign user wishing to be able to read our accounts in english. Due to this we have decided to transfer some of the features from our blog to this site. In particular we have added Field trip accounts, and a Literature section as well as expanding the Imports, news and things to come to contain a content more like our blog. So expect to find our thoughts, ramblings, facts, research notes and speculations about taxonomy, systematics, rumours, gossip, news and so forth in this place besides the usual site updates. We hope you will like the new and improved site when everything is up and running again. Until then we hope you will bear over with the mess ;-)

December 2008: First Harpactirella cf. lightfoot slings for sale
We have an early Christmas present for the lovers of the african Harpactirinae. We have our first hatchout of the small but beautiful South African species Harpactirella cf. lightfooti. We offer a limited number of the surplus from our breeding efforts for sale.

November 2008: New arboreal ornithoctonine species in the hobby
We congratulate Jean-Michel Verdez and Christophe Bauduin who in november 2007 rediscovered the elusive Lampropelma nigerrimum that previously has been considered extinct. They found several specimens and has subsequently through diligent breeding efforts established a good population of this species in the hobby. Also the team made available invaluable research material for our research. A big thank you from us to them! They announced their find yesterday on The Tarantula Store Forum. We have had dedicated a page for this species ever since we became aware of the find, and now it is updated with pictures and info.

November 2008: RSA breeding project
First hatchout of Harpactira sp. (poss. guttata) and an eggsac on Harpactirella cf. lightfooti is the first succesful results of our RSA breeding project. We do intend to work with all our RSA harpactirine material in order to be able to supply as much material for research and hobby.

October 25th 2008: Cyriopagopus sp. "Sumatran Tiger" introduced and all surplus sold out at KWH.
An adult pair of the Cyriopagopus sp. "Sumatran Tiger" were on display in public for the first time and the general impression was that people liked this new species. We are still working to find out whether or not this species are synonomous or not with Phormingochilus fuchsi, though we do believe it is not due to the collecting locality of the species, which is geographically isolated from the locality in which P. fuchsi has been described from. More will be known when we have compared it with the type specimen of P. fuchsi.

October 2008: Philippine import landed.
We have received two new species collected in the island of Palawan in the Philippines. Both species are large and impressive selenocosmines. One preliminarily keys out as Phlogiellus (albeit an atypically large one at 14 cm. leg span) and this is supported by characters in both the males and females. The other species is even larger (16 cm. leg span) and more enigmatic as it does resemble both members of the genus Coremiocnemis and S. peerboomi from neighbouring island of Negros. As we have only one female specimen from our collector, we have chosen to make her the research specimen of our work as soon as she has molted for the first time in captivity. Time will tell where she belong taxonomically.

September 2008: RSA (Republic of South Africa or) Rare South African species project.
Due to establishment of a unique contact in RSA we have decided to engage in breeding rare South African species primarily from the genera Harpactira and Harpactirella. Our first succesful breeding is from Harpactira sp. (poss. guttata) and we hope to have a limited number of slings ready for sale at KWH. Since we are unaware of the batch size of this species and need to reserve slings for research we cannot take any preorders unless you are willing to be on our waiting list under normal preorder conditions (prepaid order).

September 2008: we will have Cyriopagopus sp. "Sumatran Tiger" for sale at KWH.

June 22th 2008: Phormingochilus everetti and Cyriopagopus sp. "Sumatran Tiger" available for preorder.
We will have slings available of both species available for the Kornwestheim show in the fall and are now taking preorders.

June 17th 2008: New Cyriopagopus from Sumatra
We have received news from our research team in Asia that a new Cyriopagopus species has been uncovered in Sumatra. It is superficially similar to C. schioedtei from neighbouring Malaysia but still markedly different. First of all it is much stockier, darker, has a different carapace pattern reminiscent of a dark folium and has more prominent bold abdominal "tiger" patterns. The males are even more different being brown with black legs sporting white bands at the joints. We have chosen the provisional work name Cyriopagopus sp. "Sumatran Tiger" due to the prominent abdominal stripes in this species until the species has been properly identified/described. We expect to have surplus slings available for the Kornwestheim show in the fall.




Cyriopagopus sp. "Sumatran Tiger.
Adult premolt female




Cyriopagopus sp. "Sumatran Tiger.
Adult male


May 8th 2008: Spring Cleanout.
We now have a lot of surplus rare ground dwellers for sale from our private collections.

April 16th 2008: Indonesia Import.
We have now fresh material from Indonesia in our stock again; Lampropelma violaceopes, Lampropelma sp. "Borneo Black", Cyriopagopus sp. "Sulawesi Black" and Ornithoctoninae G. sp. "Orange Fringed".