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Cyriopagopus schioedtei (Thorell, 1891), fully mature female specimen

Asian Arboreals is a danish tarantula breeding and research project. Our primary focus is research on chosen groups of asian theraphosids. Our research includes field trips, breeding and lab work. As our project is volunteer based, we try to finance our work through selling surplus material from our research. We are mainly dealing with arboreal tarantulas from Asia, though we do carry rare tarantulas from other parts of the world. The research is managed by Søren Rafn and sales is managed by Thomas Frøik. Both are situated in Denmark.

Our stock is entirely captive bred. Either EU-based or from spider farms in Asia.

We consult experts in the field of taxonomy and systematics in the groups of asian arboreal theraphosids in order to make our identifications as precise as possible.

We do supply to both retail and end consumer. Please inquire for a price quotation.