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Fruit Of The Loom T Shirt Size

fruit of the loom t shirt size
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Offshore Summer 2006 Bing T-Shirt!
Offshore Summer 2006 Bing T-Shirt!
Soundadvice created this T Shirt design in 2004 when OSR011 was released (art appears on the B Side).
We printed one up specifically for Clever, but the design never went into production. We decided that it would be a great look for the summer of 2006!
This is a Fruit of the Loom Best, Lime colored T-Shirt printed with Orange ink.  
Sizes available are Small through X-Large.
Cost is $25 postage paid if you live in the continental US or $30 postage paid for the rest of the world.
Simply send the appropriate funds to via Paypal.  Be sure to include "Offshore Bing T-Shirt" as the description along with your specified shipping address.  Paypal shipping will be used to send these, so specifying the correct shipping address is crucial!
ZR-T-Shirt:::buy now!!!
ZR-T-Shirt:::buy now!!!
Ze Bunthund posing as model for our brandnew & super fresh Zentrale Randlage T-Shirts. Order online at Still available for boys in size M and for girls in a slightly different colour scheme in S and M. Es gibt folgende T-shirts: Jungs Fruit of the Loom Super Premium // Hellgrau mit schwarzem Aufdruck in Gro?e M Damen Fruit of the Loom Classic Valueweight // Hellbraun mit goldbronzenem Aufdruck Gro?e 140 cm / 9-11 = S Gro?e 152 cm /12-13 = M

fruit of the loom t shirt size