ASIAGRAPH 2016 International Conference will be held from March 5 to 6, 2016, in Toyama, Japan. ASIAGRAPH is an academic organization that explores the convergence of digital technology, industrial and cultural trends. The "ASIAGRAPH" was established to stress the importance of public contents in knowledge-information age and to make contribution to various media (publication, moving images, animation, games and media arts)-related industries through scientific research, education and academic-industrial cooperation. The academic council of ASIAGRAPH includes a regional congress of distinguished scholars, which makes up the core committee of an expanding international think tank. It is an organized body of scholars and researchers that cooperate with people, governments, companies and universities; and is supported by collaborators in Asia Pacific countries.

Thank you for attendees!
The Asiagraph 2016 was a great success!

Next year, Asiagraph 2017 will be held in Taiwan.
Waiting for your attendance.