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Commission Status: OPEN
Trade Status:CLOSED
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About Me 
My name is Ashley. I am known as Ashwolves5 on most art and furry communities but I also use the nickname missflufflybottom for some other places. I joined the furry community in 2008 and started posting my art. I also make fur suit parts, accessories, and love to sew; mainly hats, plushies, tails, and gloves. If you like to check out my crafting work you can see it on my other website.

Convention Line Up
Furrydelphia 2020 Dealer
FA: United 2020 Dealer
Furpocalypse 2020 pending

Past Convention Attendance
Furthemore 2019-2020
SNJ Furbowl AA 2/2020
Pinefur Con 2018-2019
Furpocalypse 2017-2018
DerpyCon 2017
Tiny Paws Con 2017-2018
Furrydelphia 2017-2019
Fur-Xoticon 2017
FA:United 2011-2019
Kotoricon Spring Festival 2015-2016
Kotoricon 2010-2012
Otakon 2009-2014
PAX East 2010-2012