Commission Status: OPEN
Trade Status:CLOSED
Request Status:CLOSED

About Me 
My name is Ashley. I am known as Ashwolves5 on most art and furry communities but I also use the nickname missflufflybottom for some other places. I joined the furry community in 2008 and started posting my art. I also make fur suit parts, accessories, and love to sew; mainly hats, plushies, tails, and gloves. If you like to check out my crafting work you can see it on my other website.

Convention Line Up
Furrydelphia 2019 confirmed dealer
Faunited confirmed dealer

Past Convention Attendance
Furthemore 2019 (Attendee)(Dealer)
Pinefur Con 2018-2019 (Attendee)(Dealer)
Furpocalypse 2017-2018(Attendee)(Dealer)
DerpyCon 2017(Attendee)(Dealer)
Tiny Paws Con 2017-2018(Attendee)(Dealer)
Furrydelphia 2017-2018(Attendee)(Dealer)
Fur-Xoticon 2017(Attendee)(Dealer)
FA:United 2011-2018 (Attendee)(Dealer)
Kotoricon Spring Festival 2015-2016 (Attendee)(Dealer)
Otakon 2009-2014 (Attendee)
PAX East 2010-2012 (Attendee)