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The first conference on Lifelong Learning Agents (COLLAs) 2022 recently took place. With keynotes by ML luminaries, the conference highlights the increasing importance of continual and lifelong learning machines, and it may even be a sign of increasing maturity of these topics that have so far only had dedicated workshops. Excited to present my team's research over the past two years: we are able to achieve model-free lifelong reinforcement learning reliably using hidden replay. (Paper)

I presented an invited talk at American University (AU) on our recent Lifelong Machine Learning algorithms in April 2022.

I was invited to speak about our work on Lifelong Learning at the DARPA Electronic Resurgence Initiative (ERI) Summit for three years 2019-2021. (2021 New Opportunities for Lifelong Learning Machines) (2020 Poster on Eigentasks)

Our work introducing Eigentasks has been accepted at ICML 2020 Lifelong ML workshop. Good empirical results in Starcraft2 surpassing DeepMind's RL performance in one case. Same method also works for supervised continual learning! (Paper)

I gave an invited talk at the American Statistics Association QPRC 2019 conference (QPRC 2019) covering three of our papers on anomaly detection at the processor and controller level for cybersecurity applications (slides).

Our demo "Aesop: A Visual Storytelling Platform for Conversational AI" won the Best demo award at IJCAI 2018. This system was also demonstrated at the 50th anniversary homage to Doug Engelbart's The Mother of All Demos

I won Honorable mention to the Best Dissertation award at International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS) 2018.

I graduated with a PhD in Computer Science in Jan 2017 advised by Prof. Prasad Tadepalli at Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA. I joined the Computer Vision Technologies group at SRI International in Princeton. Previously, I was a Student Associate (intern) at Computer Vision Technologies group, SRI International in Princeton (Winter and Spring of 2016) on new Deep Learning algorithms, and prior to that an intern at the Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) and Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore).



Indranil Sur, Zachary A Daniels, Aswin Raghavan, Jesse Hostetler, Abrar Rahman, Michael R Piacentino, Ajay Divakaran, Roberto Corizzo (American University), Kamil Faber (AGH University of Science and Technology), Nathalie Japkowicz (American University), Michael Baron (American University), James S Smith (Georgia Institute of Technology), Sahana Joshi (Georgia Institute of Technology), Zsolt Kira (Georgia Institute of Technology), Tyler L Hayes (RIT), Christopher Kanan (University of Rochester), Gianmarco J Gallardo (RIT). "System Design for an Integrated Lifelong Reinforcement Learning Agent For Real-Time Strategy Games". Accepted for oral presentation at the Second International Conference on AI-ML Systems (2022). (conf)

Daniels, Zachary, Aswin Raghavan, Jesse Hostetler, Abrar Rahman, Indranil Sur, Michael Piacentino, and Ajay Divakaran. "Model-Free Generative Replay for Lifelong Reinforcement Learning: Application to Starcraft-2." In Proceedings of The First Conference on Lifelong Learning Agents (CoLLAs) (2022) PMLR (Paper)

Farkya, Saurabh; Daniels, Zachary A; Raghavan, Aswin; Zhang, David Zhang; Piacentino, Michael. Saccade Mechanisms for Image Classification, Object Detection and Tracking. NeuroVision workshop at CVPR 2022. (Page) (PDF)

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