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Project Topics

Phy 216 – Final Presentations


Wed Dec 3, 2014. From 10am-1pm in WURSTER 102  (Note location)



Greg Affeldt

Magnetic Coupling in spin orbit materials

Simca Bouma

Magnetic Anisotropy and Thin Film Skyrmion Phase

Eric Copenhaver

Spinor Condensates

Justin Gerber

Topological phases from Polar Molecules

Kang, Byungmin

Deconfined Criticality


Jonathan Kohler

SU(N) magnetism


11-12 noon

Sylvia Lewin

Spin Ice

Zhenglu Li

Magnon phonon coupling

Chiu-yun Lin

Skyrmion lattices

John Lu

Superconductivity in t-J model

Nityan Nair

Spin charge seperation

Chris Olund

String orders

12-1 pm

Dragos Potirniche

Kitaev Model

Daniel Rizzo

Kondo effect

Alejandro Ruiz

Spin Liquid candidates

Aaron Szasz

Magnetism on the Bethe lattice

Charles Xiong

Topological terms in quantum magnets from Dirac fermions

 Meng Wu Spin-density waves and itinerant antiferromagnetism in metals

Projects will involve reading on a topic of interest and making a brief oral presentation  at the end of the course (scheduled middle of the week of Dec 1). In addition a one-two page report, that highlights what is interesting about the chosen topic and a brief description, is Dec 19.
Below are some project suggestions, but if you have other ideas, email them to me. 
Please finalize your project topics soon and email them to me.
Project Topic Suggestions (with html references):
  1. The Kitaev Model - an exactly soluble spin liquid model in two dimensions: Page 10-23 of: [Click Here] (Dragos)
  2. Spin charge Seperation in one Hubbard Models (textbook material: eg. Giamarchi, Quantum Physics in 1D - pg. 200-212) and experimental realization. (Nityan)
  3. The Kondo Effect eg. Affleck's review (Daniel)
  4. Experimental Candidates for 2D and 3D spin liquids. Kagome and Hyperkagome Lattice (Ruiz)
  5. Frustrated Magnetism - Spin Ice [Review] (Sylvia)
  6. Skyrmion Lattices - Analogy to vortex state in superconductors [Click here] (Lin)
  7. Magnetic couplings in a magnet with strong spin orbit coupling [Click Here] (Greg)
  8. Deconfined Criticality (Kang)
  9. Spins on the Bethe Lattice (Szasz)
  10. Spinor Condensates (Eric)
  11. Skyrmions in multiferroics/2D heterostructures (Simca)
  12. TBD (Chris)
  13. TBD (Zhongyuan)
  14. Topological Terms in quantum magnets from Dirac fermions [Click Here]
  15. Fractional Spins in thermal spin liquid [Click Here]
  16. Coupled 1D chains [Clik here]