Solid State Physics (Part 1) Spring 2011 

Classes   Lectures Tu-Thu 11:00-12:30pm, Evans 70.
                 Discussion Session: Tue 1-2pm Evans 7. Thu 3-4pm Dwinelle 247. (no discussion sessions the first week: Jan 18-20)
Office Hours: TBA
Course GSI: Vasudha Shivamoggi
 An introductory course in modern solid state physics. Crystal symmetries; classification of solids and their bonding; electromagnetic, elastic, and electron waves in periodic lattices. Theory of of metals and semi-conductors. We will follow the sequence of topics in Chapters 1-9 of Kittel's book, but will rely also on Ashcroft and Mermin for explanation. We will aim to discuss examples from current research regularly.
Suggested Books:
1. Introduction to Solid State Physics: C. Kittel (7th or 8th Edition)
2. Solid State Physics:Ashcroft and Mermin

Evaluation     50% Assignments (10 weekly assignments, your lowest score assignment will be disregarded)
                      20% Midterm
                      30% Final