Principal Investigator:  
Ashvin Vishwanath 
17 Oxford Street,
Cambridge MA 02138. 

Group News

June 2018
  • Congratulations to Chong Wang and YinChen He, both of whom moved to faculty positions at Perimeter Institute and to YiZhuang You who started as an Assistant Professor at  UC San Diego. 
  • Congratulations to Adrian Po for successfully defending his thesis and being appointed an MIT Pappalardo fellow (the fifth from the group!). 
July 2016
    • After 12 years at UC Berkeley we have moved to the Physics Department at Harvard University. We will miss our wonderful colleagues at Berkeley, but are excited to be initiating fresh collaborations and scientific research directions at our new home. 
    June 2015
      •  Itamar Kimchi and Haruki Watanabe are selected as Pappalardo Postdoctoral Fellows. They follow two other group members who were Papplardo fellows: Fa Wang (2009-2012) and Ashvin Vishwanath (2001-2004).
      • Former postdoctoral fellows associated with the group, Sid Parameswaran, Xie Chen and Yuan Ming Lu move to faculty positions  at UC Irvine, Caltech and Ohio State respectively. Here is an interview with Xie Chen on joining Caltech.

      June 2014
      • Congratulations to 
        • Adrian Po who won an inaugural Hellman Graduate Student Awards 
        • Itamar Kimchi, this year's  Jackson C. Koo award winner for his work on magnets with strong spin-orbit coupling and quantum Mott insulators. This is an annual award for an outstanding Condensed Matter graduate student.
        • & Haruki Watanabe recipient of the Seitaro Nakamura Prize .

      Former Group Members

      • Former Graduate Students:
        • Fa Wang                                                                                                 Thesis 
        • Frank Yi Zhang                                                                                      Thesis
          • (Postdoc: Stanford+> Bethe Fellow, Cornell) 
        • Pavan Hosur                                                                                          Thesis
          • (Postdoc: Stanford+> Assistant Professor U. of Houston)
        • Haruki Watanabe                                                                                   Thesis
          • (Pappalardo Fellow, MIT => Assistant Prof. U. of Tokyo) 
        • Itamar Kimchi (Pappalardo Fellow, MIT)                                               Thesis
        • Philipp Dumitrescu (Postdoc Flatiron Inst.)                                           Thesis
        • Yasaman Bahri                                                                                      Thesis
          • (AI Residency atGoogle Brain)   

      • Former Postdocs (including joint): 
        • Ari Turner (Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins U.)
        • Tarun Grover (Assistant Professor, UC San Diego)
        • Lukasz Fidkowski (Assistant Professor, SUNY)
        • Yi Zhuang You (Assistant Professor, UC San Diego)
        • Yinchen He (Assistant Professor, Perimeter)
        • Chong Wang (Assistant Professor, Perimeter)

        Group Members

        • Postdocs
        Vedika Khemani
        (Junior Fellow)

        Yingfe Gu
        (Gordon and Betty Moore Fellow) 
        Image result for yingfei gu
        Eslam Khalaf

        Related image
        Grisha Tarnopolski 
        (joint with Strominger, Yin, Jafferis & Sachdev)Image result for grisha tarnopolsky
        Ru Chen
        (joint with Neaton group)

        Sagar Vijay
        (Junior Fellow)

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        • Graduate Students
        Dan Borgnia

        Jong Yeon Lee

        Shang Liu

        Xue Yang Song

        Ruihua Fan

        Nat Tantivasadakarn
        Charles Zhaoxi Xiong

        Adrian Hoi Chun Po

                         May 2018

        July 2015

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