Project Topics


Projects will involve reading on a topic of interest and making a brief oral presentation (10- 15 minutes) at the end of the course, and a one-two page report, that highlights what is interesting about the chosen topic and a brief description.
Below are some project suggestions, but if you have other ideas, come and discuss them with me. Please try to decide on your project topic by Nov15.
  1. The Kondo Effect and MultiChannel Kondo Effect Affleck's review
  2. Field theory of disordered systems RMP-Section 5, Stone
  3. Quantum Hall Skyrmions and Bilayer QHE Girvin.
  4. Quantum Hall phase transitions Sondhi
  5. Renormalization group for Fermions Shankar
  6. ADS-CFT duality and Condensed Matter Physics: Sachdev
  7. Kitaev Model Kitaev

Other Project Topics;

  1. Large N theory of Frustrated Magnetism Sachdev
  2. Deconfined Criticality PRBl
  3. Gauge theories from Defect Suppression: Z2 gauge theory: Rokshar; U(1) gauge theory: Motrunich
  4. Topological Terms in quantum magnets from Dirac fermions [Paper1, Paper2]
  5. Dimer models [Moessner1, Moessner2 ]
  6. String Order Parameters [Review, den Nijs]
  7. Microscopic Models of Fractionalization 1: [Balents]  
  8. Microscopic Models of Fractionalization 2: 3D [Hermele
  9. Tunneling into Quantum Hall Edges etc. [KaneFisher]
  10. Quantum Entanglement and D=1+1 Criticality [Wilczek, Cardy]