Group Meetings

FALL 2013

Time and Location: 3:30pm in 324 Leconte

 AUG 29
DREW POTTER Mong, Alicea et al. 
SEP 12Mike Z. MPS and Quantum Hall




Time and Location: 2pm in 324 Leconte

 Jan 17
 Ehud Driven Polariton Condensates
 Jan 31
 Ashvin Organic Dirac
 Feb 14
 Phillip 7
 Feb 28
Yuan Ming 6
 March 7
Andreas Majorana JJ
April 2
 APS Journal club 
 April 11
 April 18
Itamar 1
 April 25
 May 2
 May 16

Some suggested Topics:
  1. 2D electron gas in Oxide heterostructures ((a) Balents review,  (b) arXiv:1212.5947, )
  2. Topological Kondo Insulators(Andreas will talk about this in Joel's group meeting Jan 25) : ((a), (b)  (c) Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 106408 (2010). (d) arXiv:1211.5863 )
  3. Topological phase in a driven system: arXiv:1212.3324
  4. f-theorem and applications ((a) Refs in. Klebanov, (b) arXiv:1211.1392)
  5. Measuring Entanglement Entropy (arXiv:1204.2819 and Refs. therein)
  6. New superconductor and a weakly correlated superconductor with nodes (BiS2, LiPt3B)
  7. Exactly soluble lattice models of topological phases in 3D:(a) Burnell et al., b) Haah)