Twinning is...

so many great times... here's to more to come

Twinning 2018 = into our 26th year!
We had another great year in 2016 hosting a trip from our friends from our belovéd twinned town of Grandchamp des Fontaines.

In 2018 we have been invited to visit GdF for the long Easter weekend and would like to encourage anyone interested to join us Friday 30th March to Monday 2nd April

Join us in this fabulous community event - meet your neighbours and make new friends, in Ashton Keynes as well as in France!

The basic plan is as follows:

Friday morning travel to France and arrive for a civic welcoming reception, meet your families, evening with families.

Saturday day
free time with your families or join up for some International Football matches and other activtities.

Saturday evening a big communal gathering with food, drink and music and dancing for all

Sunday is very much free time but possibly with a picnic in Les Jardins d'Ashton Keynes and jolly family games with maybe some music and singing in the evening.

Monday we bid farewell to our friends as we head off home.

Get more of a flavour of what Twinning is all about and watch our videos - see if you can spot your friends and family through the ages!

 The Twinning Party goes on

Twinning 2010 Promo video
 20th Anniversary video

Twinning 2012 Promo as featured in the Local Cinema!