Ashton Bishop

Nothing great was ever achieved without passion, bravery and creativity in the face of obstacles

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Ashton is a commerce and law graduate who thought it was more interesting to create new thinking rather than just following precedents.

He has spent over ten years working in Australia and the UK for the biggest communications agencies on the world’s biggest brands: including Ogilvy, JWT and Y&R on DHL, YUM restaurants, Nestle, GSK and FOXTEL.

His passion is new and innovative thinking to drive business growth. He does this via the stimulation, generation and facilitation of ideas.

His hobbies are kung fu, running and film watching/making - click the link to see some of his Free Lunch Film exploits. He is a member of Impro Australia and plays TheatreSports to keep life looking, "not too serious". He's messed around with writing and performing songs...but they are probably best left in the "hobby category" - have a listen if you like also.

He uses his dyslexia to excuse his inability to spell and his colour blindness to excuse his poor dress sense.