Things I've Created

Just a place where I'll link to things I've done or touched on, with small details. 



 BlogThis Firefox Extension for 2.0 - Original-- This is not mine, though the original one would only work on up to Firefox version 1.0. I touched it a bit, now works on versions up to 2.5. Needed it to truly get into testing Bon Echo. ^_^

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer for 2.0 - Original -- Same deal, different extension. Now works on Bon Echo, apparently without a hitch.




White Wolf Games Die Roller -- Small program I made to roll 10-sided dice on my cellphone. Mainly created for Exalted, though you can see the traces of support for other game systems.

RSS Reader -- Small RSS reader for my cellphone. Just prototyping RSS tokenizing and internet access.

VCardTextWrapper -- Very small application I created to transfer text files to the iPod that are bigger than the 4kb limit imposed on the Notes feature. What this does is convert the text file into a .vcf file, thus readable in the Contacts feature. It still has a limit, but the limit on Contacts is a bit closer to 20kb, so there's a bit more space to work there. ^_^