About Us

 The Ash Street Garden is the pilot project of Baltimore Free Farm, a sustainability collective in Baltimore, Maryland. Our goal is to create a network of green spaces across Baltimore City, starting with the neighborhood of Hampden, as well as to promote sustainability through a variety of projects.

In January 2010, we began work by clearing the land on the Ash Street lots, without funding or even an idea of whether or not what we wanted to do was possible. Now, many months later,
what was formerly an overgrown haven for junkies and crackheads nice respectable heroin and crack abusing ladies and gentlemen, rats, and illegally-disposed trash has been transformed into a beautiful garden. Produce and flowers planted by our volunteers and community members are thriving. Although there is still much more work to do at the Ash Street Garden, we feel confident in our ability to effect change in similar spaces all over Baltimore.