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What is a blog

Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site.



My Most Active Blogs

Ashrufzz Reality Adventure - This is my own personal blog which I've written since 2004. I update this blog regularly.

Learning CSS and Web Authoring - This blog is all about my website learning journey. I update this blog whenever I feel like it.

Ash Automotive Dashboard - This is a blog which I've developed focusing on Automotive technology from my perspective.

Car Crash Videos Compilation Reviews - This is a new blog I've created to compiled Car Crash Videos found on YouTube and other video websites.

Laptop Thing - A blog about Laptop accessories and ideas on how to use your laptop to its fullest potential.

My Dormant Blogs

Learning and Discovering RSS - I have no idea what RSS before. So I built this blog to compliment what I've learned. (Haven't update it for quite a while)

Totalwealth Blog - This blog is all about my job when I was still a seminar junkies. It still gets a handful of traffic once in a while. I think I should update it with useful content.

Using Wordpress Software

Using paid web hosting and domain

SIMEK Facilities Management Project Blog
I started this blog on August 2005 to compliment the website that I've created for SIMEK Malaysia which is the company that I work for. It's a small company and as a small office manager, I managed everything from doing the office floor sweeping right up until the cheque payments for the company's employee and also webmastering.

KL Bizz Web Studio
This website is the home for my own soon to be web publishing company. I had a plan to build my own online publishing network but I don't think I'm prepared yet. However, dream can be a good thing.

DigiTaqwim Islamic Prayer Clock Blog
Since the main E-commerce website for DigiTaqwim is corrupted. I've linked the main page to go to this blog instead. It's about Islamic Prayer Clock and it is a tangible product. I need to find ideas to market this product online somehow. (My failed attempt-I don't know what was I doing)

Using free web hosting and free subdomain

There are quite a number of free webhosting services that doesn't put on any banners or advertising on the pages created. You need to open your eyes a bit and try everything you can get your hands on. I use two free webhosting that provide php file format along with free MySQL database. The two of them is:

These free web hosting is perfect for Wordpress software. However, I really recommend using your own webhosting rather than a free one to avoid complication. I had my share of difficulties. The last time I check, my website couldn't be accessed, so there goes my website.

WebTrafficVille Reborned

Before this, I used phpOh, another free webhosting with free subdomain, but they put banners on top and it appears on the windows inside the wordpress dashboard plus a lot of features were disabled when wordpress is installed on the free webhost.
So, this webhosting looks better with no banner on top. I'm not really sure if this hosting is reliable. I already lost one of my account here. Just remember, FREE can be sometimes not reliable.

Below are lists of blog created using wordpress for testing purposes I guess:

The above site is still in experimental form. Since the company waited like 12 years but they still haven't managed to set up a news portal for their internal consumption, a friend of mine who is a PR executive asked me to make one for her to ease her news distribution job. Thus, this site is born. Not quite sure where the direction is going but I had fun creating it.

Download Ipod Tune & Audio Book Resource
A Collective Resource About Ipod Tune & Audio Books.

Water Bed Mania Blog
A content weblog about water bed and everything you can imagine about it.

Car Stereo Mania Blog
A brand new wordpress blog . A collective resources about Car Stereo.

I'm building more blogs and websites. However I think it would be better to build more quality content as I'm struggling just trying to manage them. I think I should try and manage my time better.

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