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10 Cliche Fics

FanFic Cliche

SuperhumanProve itI own you
Not now!Im in ur ficSave me from myself
Curse you!No way outInsanity takes over
 Don't I know you? 

Superhuman - a character has unnaturally good strength/healing ability/mindreading skills/shooting skills/stamina etc etc
Prove it - a character has to or wants to prove their love/loyalty to another character
I own you - one character takes another as a slave to save their life/as a punishment
Not now! - a really, really badly timed declaration of love
Im in ur fic - the pernicious Mary-Sue factor. Need we say more?
Save me from myself - one character has low self-esteem issues/is self-harming/has been sexually abused/is clinically depressed and needs the intervention of another character
Curse you - and your sudden and inevitable betrayal...
No way out - characters are trapped/kidnapped/captured/jailed
Insanity takes over - any bit of mythology/conspiracy theory/supernatural legend is actually real. No, really.
Don't I know you? - characters encounter each other before/after canon timeline

Smuth Cliche

Sexual HealingRight first timeNever felt like this
Sex PollenYou want us to...what?I hate you. So much.
We're pretending, right?Let's go again!Where did you get that?
 I'm lost for words... 

Sexual Healing - sex is required to save a character's life/help them recover from sexual abuse/rape
Right first time - amazingly good first time sex, with optional virgin character
Never felt like this - any other/previous relationship becomes worthless, this is Twue Wuv
Sex Pollen - exactly what it says
You want us to...what? - forced/coerced into sex, with optional audience
I hate you. So much. - mutual dislike = hot sex
We're pretending, right? - characters are forced to pose as lovers. Where does the pretense blur into reality?
Let's go again! - physically impossible/highly improbable sex
Where did you get that? - regardless of situation, sex toys, lube and accessories etc are always available
I'm lost for words - character is unexpectedly hot/well endowed/expert at sex/all of the above

Generetic Cliche

The darkest hour is just before the dawnWhat doesn't kill you, makes you strongerNo time like the present
Every rose has its thornBetter late than neverWhat goes around comes around
All's fair in love and warAll's well that ends wellNever judge a book by its cover
 Time heals all wounds