Student Zone

There is now a Student Branch at the State University at Buffalo.
Dr. Nicholas Rajkovich is the Student Branch Advisor.

Committee Chair: Nicholas Rajkovich, University at Buffalo, 829-6910

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We Offer Chapter Scholarships to Students!
If you are or know a college level student that has is pursuing a degree for future local work in the HVAC field.  Consider applying for a chapter scholarship.  The forms are below.

Hello everyone,

As the student activities chair, I want to cover a very important and easy way for our chapter to gain Presidential Award of Excellence points for student activities: Tracking Student Contacts.  Anytime an ASHRAE Member contacts a student in any capacity there is a good chance that we can get points as a chapter as a result.  To this end I am asking that that you contact me by phone or email if any of the following list has or will happen with someone at your firm:

  1. A student is in an internship or part time position.

  2. You plan to hire or interview students for internships or part time positions.

  3. Any ASHRAE Member talks about their job in front of a class, boy scout or girl scout troop, church group, etc. (K-12 and college level)

  4. You help a kid out with a science fair project in any HVAC Capacity.

  5. Any (K-12 and College) student contact in any capacity.

  6. One time you thought about doing any of the previous activities.

 I will be talking about this theme throughout the year because these are important activities in raising the awareness level of our profession throughout the community and in drawing more young people into the industry.  Please do not assume that anything that you have in mind in relation to these activities would not be worth bringing up or would not matter.  As point #6 on the list makes clear, I would like to hear from people with any ideas or comments that cross their mind.

Student Activities Committee Chair

ASHRAE Region I Niagara Frontier Chapter,
Oct 22, 2012, 9:28 AM
ASHRAE Region I Niagara Frontier Chapter,
Oct 22, 2012, 9:28 AM