Board Meeting Minutes

Niagara Frontier Chapter ASHRAE Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

Date: February 18, 2017


Roll Call: R. Hojnacki, R. Robinson, J. Stuber, J. Price, A. Dietrick, M. Tasevski, J. Glomb

Not present:  S. Yager, J. Muller, J. Baran, G. Waters, R. Stuber D. Nowak, D. Maines, N. Rajkovich, S. Converse, N. Smith


-          B. Hojnacki reports that ASHRAE Reach is a program that seeks to reach out to local companies who continuously support our chapter with attendance from their employees, OR companies that used to be involved but haven’t recently been as involved.  Asking for ideas of local companies that we can reach out to to thank / ask how we can improve so that they start participating more.  Andrew will give attendance lists for review at next meeting to identify companies.


-          J. Stuber reports on February Meeting -  Jim Price reached out to UB director of sustainability, Ryan McPherson, who then reached out to John regarding bringing DL Sheila Hayter to speak to UB students.  Will also coordinate with Nick Rajkovich.  It is the chapter’s responsibility to pay for hotel. J. Stuber will make arrangments.


-          It was requested that we revive the nametag effort.  Unanimous vote to ensure that we have formal printed nametags for DL meetings, perhaps just use “Hello my name is” tags for regular meeting in order to keep the task simple


-          We are trying to cross promote the DL meeting with AIA & BOMA.  J. Glomb to send to PMCA


-          March meeting arrangements being made


-          PDH Seminar – final topic needed.  Stair pressurization is requested.  J. Stuber will try to find speaker.  Jim Price recommends getting word out early, to ensure good attendance


-          It was confirmed that the April webinar will again be hosted by Gerster Trane


-          It was noted that meeting invites need to be distributed 3 weeks prior to meeting date in order to keep attendance up and get accurate counts for our venues with enough notice

-          A. Dietrick reported that he has spoken to all pre-paid attendees at the January Meeting regarding reimbursements / credits


-          YEA meeting at Thin Man Brewery had 20+ people in attendance.  Siemens and R.F. Peck have both volunteered to sponsor subsequent events.  All agree that that would be beneficial.


-          J. Stuber to look into Bandits game tickets for YEA event like we did last year.


-          R. Robinson looking for more ideas for history articles.  Sheas was suggested as a building that may have some very old equipment in it.


-          Picnic plans are underway.  Sam Parise has again volunteered to plan picnic, and Randy Corsi has again volunteered to plan golf outing.  Preliminarily looks like we’ll be able to keep ticket prices same as last year.

-          Question was asked whether we would consider offering a lower meeting price to ASHRAE Life Members.  Comments included that once retired, these members are on fixed income and don’t have employers who sponsor meeting attendance.  Unanimously voted to match the student member rate of $20 to Life Members, in thanks and appreciation for 30+ years of activity.