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In 1964 a group of Engineers, manufacturers representatives, and other industry related people got together to discuss a possible ASHRAE Chapter. Bill Chaffey was appointed chair of the Steering committee. Murray Malloy, of the Montreal Chapter, greatly helped Bill Chaffey with the ground work.

Charter Night was held at the Citadel Inn on March 15, 1965. Bill Chaffey chaired the meeting. Distinguished visitors attending the meeting were:
  • John Dube National President 
  • John Ross National Treasurer 
  • Andrew Boggs Associate Secretary and Publisher of ASHRAE 
  • Bal Horsbough Director Region II 
  • Wilf Woodcoch VP Ontario Chapter 
  • Hayward Murray PD Montreal Chapter 
  • Murray Malloy PP Montreal Chapter 
  • Frank L’Anglais PP Quebec Chapter\ 
  • Bill Hole PP Montreal 
  • Philip Dumaresq VP Nova Scotia Architects Association 
  • Hank Rounsefell Present Halifax-Dartmouth Construction Association 
  • Philip Vaughn President Association of Professional Engineers of NS 

Bill Hole, introduced the following as the executive of the 11th Chapter in Canada:
  • President Leslie Single 
  • 1st VP Bill Chaffey 
  • 2nd VP Gordon Weld 
  • Sect Treasurer John Perkins 
  • Board of Governors 
  • William Chaddock 
  • Denis Morris 
  • Richard Fisher 
  • George Hagen 

Denis Morris, Chairman of the Membership Committee gave a report stating the chapter had 36 paid up members and 12 paid up members outside of Halifax. In addition there were another 20 applicants in the system.


In the late 1960’s a sub chapter, the Moncton Chapter, was formed. In 1970 the Atlantic Provinces Chapter became the Halifax Chapter. The Halifax Chapter Sponsored the New Brunswick Chapter operating out of Moncton N.B. Charter Night was the 13th Oct 1972. The Halifax Chapter now became responsible for Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.


Over the years Halifax hosted several special events. One of the greatest events hosted by the Chapter was the Societies Annual Meeting held in June of 1977. Approximately 850 delegates attended making it the largest annual meeting at that time.  
  • 1969 Chapter Regional Conference - Chairperson, Jim A MacLean
  • 1977 Societies Annual Meeting - Chairperson, John Perkins and Ken Bell
  • 1982 Chapter Regional Conference - Chairperson, John Waldron
  • 1992 Chapter Regional Conference - Chairpersons, Paul Conrad and Gerard Doyle
  • 2001 Chapter Regional Conference - Chairperson, Ken Bell
  • 2010 Chapter Regional Conference - Chairperson, Jim Tse

The Chapter held many social events. The golf tournament was first held in 1966 at Old Ashburn with 19 people in attendance. Today about 150 people participate annually. Dances were held with attendance sometimes reaching a hundred guests.


Halifax meetings over the years included topics that are much in vogue today such as “Wind Power”and “Tidal Power”. Halifax had one of North Americas earliest centrifugal chillers installed at Moirs Chocolate Factory in 1928. Purdy’s Wharf Office Complex was the first in North America to use harbor water as the source of energy for a heat pump.


The Presidents and dates served are as follows:
1965-66 Les Single
1966-67 Gordon Weld
1967-68 Denis Morris, Sr.
1968-69 Richard Fisher
1969-70 John Perkins
1970-71 James A MacLean
1971-72 Ken Bell
1972-73 James Scriven
1973-74 John Waldron
1974-75 James L MacLean
1975-76 Alexander Hendry
1976-77 Paul Conrad
1977-78 Lloyd Schofield
1978-79 Ronald Roberts
1979-80 Rod Hartlen
1980-81 James Lothian
1981-82 Gary Brown
1982-83 Jim Moar
1983-84 William Maddock
1984-85 M Gerard Doyle
1985-86 Laurie Conrad
1986-87 Michael Kerman
1987-88 Gary Scott
1988-89 Victor Belliveau
1989-90 Harinder Singh
1990-91 Doug Rafuse
1991-92 Elmer Spencer
1992-93 Robert Kelly
1993-94 Paul Aucoin
1994-95 Denis Morris, Jr.
1995-96 Terry Phalen
1996-97 Peter Healy
1997-98 Scott Starratt
1998-99 Ann Hope
1999-00 Peter Melnyk
2000-01 Peter Scriven
2001-02 Wayne Chaisson
2002-03 Paul Dyer
2003-04 David Forbrigger
2004-05 Art Irwin
2005-06 Trent Moore
2006-07 Steven Ramsay
2007-08 Gary LeBlanc
2008-09 Jim Tse
2009-10 Tom Lechpammer 
2010-11 Conrad LeLievre
2011-12 Jeff MacNeil
2012-13 Mark Lawrence
2013-14 Darrell Amirault

The Halifax Chapter has had two teams or father/son Presidents with Denis Morris Sr, and Jr. and Jim and Peter Scriven serving.


The following Chapter members have been honored with Society Awards:

Paul Conrad, Life Member
- 1986 Regional Award of Merit
- 1991 Distinguished Service Award

Gordon Weld, Life Member
- 1986 Fellow
- 1998 Distinguished Service Award

George Buckler
- 1987 Regional Award of Merit
- 1988 Distinguished Service Award

James A Scriven (Sr), Life Member
- 1989 Fellow

Gerard Doyle
- 1990 Regional Award of Merit

Denis J Morris (Sr), Life Member
- 1991 Fellow

Troy Green
- 1997 Student Design Project Competition Award

Haringer Singh
- 2000 Regional Award of Merit

Kenneth Bell, Life Member
- 2002 Regional Award of Merit

Arthur Irwin, Life Member
- 2009 Chapter Service Award


William Ahern
Kenneth Bell
Edward Brown
Paul Conrad
Kenneth Elliott
Wayne Fisher
Alexander Hendry
Arthur Irwin
Mustafa Kantarcioglu
Claude Levesque
William McNamara
Denis Morris
Jan Nitsch
James Scriven
Benjamin Smith
Allison Tupper
Donald Warner
Gordon Weld


If you have anything you would like to contribute to the Chapter History whether it be information, pictures, stories, corrections, etc., please contact us.

The information contained here is shown to the best of the author’s knowledge and may contain errors.

History Developed by:
Ken Bell – Past President
Steven Ramsay – Past President
Peter Scriven – Past President
Tom Lechpammer - Past President
Mark Lawrence - Past President