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Air Movement for Energy Efficient Comfort in Conditioned Spaces

Patrick Wilson, Big Ass Solutions 

Dalhousie T-Room, 1360 Barrington St (Enter through security after 6pm)

May 11, 2016

5:00pm Executive Meeting
6:00pm Social/Dinner
7:00pm Presentation
8:00pm Young Engineers Event

$30 Members
$40 Non-Members
$20 Students


As we move increasingly towards market viable net-zero buildings with initiatives like ASHRAE Vision 2020 and the 2030 Challenge, we must reevaluate the role that typical building components play in a facility’s energy efficiency. ASHRAE 55 has highlighted the impact of elevated air speed on thermal comfort, and in recent years innovative designs have reestablished air movement as an integral part of occupant comfort and energy conservation. 

Learning Objectives: 
1.  Primary factors affecting human thermal comfort and basics of ASHRAE Standard 55-2010 and the ASHRAE Thermal Comfort Tool. 
2.  Use of elevated air speed for increased air distribution efficiency & energy savings within air conditioned spaces. 
3.  Additional design benefits of minimizing ductwork, lower HVAC first cost, improved ventilation rates, and condensation reduction. 
4.  Stratification & Destratification, and the significant energy saving potential from destratifying a large open space.


 Date        Theme  Topic 
 April 21  ASHRAE Webcast  Making Net Zero Net Positive
 May 9-11 ASHRAE HVAC Course Level 1 - Essentials
 May 11  Young Engineers (YEA)   Air Movement for Energy-Efficient Comfort in Conditioned Spaces
 June 23  Golf Tournament  Social

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